Last year, before the PHA International Conference, I found out that the PHA was looking for people to help them with videos they wanted to make about people living with PH secondary to another illness or condition. This included people living with Scleroderma, Lupus, HIV/AIDS, and Congenital heart disease. Oh! Congenital heart disease! Well, that was me! So as much as I was very afraid to be in front of a camera, because I'd never been filmed before, I told them I could volunteer if they needed me. And guess what? They needed me!

So on the Saturday of the conference, I went to an assigned room to film. I was interviewed, answered lots of questions, and felt like I was there for an hour. lol I was wondering when the videos would be made, and found out a couple weeks ago that they were all done!

Here I am, along with another congenital heart patient, and MY cardiologist from the Cleveland Clinic! I really respect him and all the research he likes to do about people living with my condition, not to mention that he's a really good guy!

(While I'm so happy I participated in this video, if I am ever asked to do something like this again, I need to try to smile more!!! And also, I really don't like the still frame shot of  me, but what can I do??? LOL)


Teddybear said…
Colleen you did good. I like the way you looked. You are pretty even when you don't smile. Good Job.

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