Another Year

Well, 4 days into 2013, and nothing too exciting has happened. lol I had a really nice New Year's Eve/day with K. We stayed indoors to bring in the brand new year at his place. He bought all the fixings for a very delicious dinner, including a ribeye steak,

roasted red potatoes (both which he made out on the grill),


and the best triple berry crumb pie I've ever had.

Well, it's the ONLY triple berry crumb pie I've ever had! It was fabulous! We had wine with dinner,

and rang the New Year in with pink champagne (well, I did anyway).

K. built a great fire in his fireplace,

and we spent the evening talking about 2012 and the things that happened. I mentioned some things I'd like to see happen for 2013, so we'll see what the year brings!!

On New Year's Day, we had breakfast together, and then K. left for a few hours to play tennis.

Since there wasn't an area where I could watch him play, I stayed at his house and played PS3. He has a game called Grand Turismo (picture is from Sony),

a racing game, and it's very cool! There are thousands of cars to race, tons of race tracks and goals, and well.....lots of entertainment for me. You see, I SUCK AT THE GAME!! I laugh hysterically through most of the races, because I constantly bang into walls, barriers, you  name it. I think if there was a way to run over the crowds of people, I'd do it! I even raced backwards for a couple minutes one time, and I couldn't stop crying, it was so funny! It almost makes me wish I had my own PS3 so I could maybe practice more, but I know myself. I'd be playing all day long!!! If only it could be a job, I'd sign up!! K. eventually got back, and we had some pizza,

played a little more driving games, and watched tv. I left earlier than I usually like to because I was rather tired, and stopped at my parents for a little bit before finally getting back home. It was the first time I'd spent New Year's Eve at someone else's home, and I have to say, it was a rather wonderful way to ring in the new year!!


Nelle said…
My mouth is watering. Steak, pie, wine, all look yummy. Happy, and Healthy New Year my friend!

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