Monday, February 28, 2011

A Rare Disease Indeed

Today was Rare Disease Day. I'm sharing this link for people to read about pulmonary hypertension, which is one of 7000 known rare diseases around the world. While PH is only one of 200 rare diseases that are treatable now, it is still misdiagnosed and unknown by too many people, including many doctors and nurses. I am hoping that one day soon, this will change!!

I had a rather busy day of doing laundry (ended up getting 4 loads done), washing dishes, and waiting for the oxygen guy. I was tired when I started everything, but I wanted to get it all done. So, I was exhausted by the time the late afternoon got here. I took a nap, but it didn't seem like it was long enough before I needed to get up to start dinner. My evening has been relaxing, though, and I'm definitely ready for bed!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whoa, Craziness!

Well, Mandy and I did venture out tonight to see Black Swan. I left to pick her up around 6:45, and it was snowing quite a bit. AGAIN. By the time we got out of the movie, there was an inch or snow on my car, which Mandy brushed off for me. We went to Chili's afterward for dessert and margaritas, and when we got back outside, another inch was on the car. So I'd say within the past 2 days we almost have a foot of snow. I sure hope it's over with, but I'm thinking I'm not going to be right about that.

Black Swan was a good movie, but kinda crazy! Natalie Portman sure played crazy well. I think she'd deserve Best Actress for the Oscars tomorrow night. Not sure if the movie will get Best Movie, though. I think that honor should go to The King's Speech. But to be fair, I have only seen two of the films nominated for top Oscar awards, so maybe there's another movie that deserves it more. I have to say that I do recommend these two movies! They are drastically different themes, but are both carried out very well! And now, I'm off to bed!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sick Of The White Stuff

Another predicted snow storm was set to arrive by late Thursday night into Friday. When I woke up at 7am to take Revatio, I squinted out the window to see if we got anything, and I could tell that there wasn't anything to speak of! I figured the weather people got it wrong yet again, until I woke up on Friday around 10 and took another look. I could hardly see out my windows because there was snow plastered up around the sills. When I got my contacts in, I could see it snowing, and sure enough, the storm had arrived, hours later than it was supposed to come. Booo!! I've had it up to HERE with winter, and who knows how much more we have to tolerate of the cold and the white stuff?? By the time the oxygen guy had arrived to fill the tanks, we had around 8 inches, so he called me to ask if anyone was coming to shovel my front sidewalk. Usually, my dad will get up earlier on Fridays to shovel everything if there's snow. But when he went to work around 7, there wasn't anything to shovel. He couldn't leave work to come do it, and my mom wasn't able to get down here to do it, so I had no other option but to ask if it was possible for someone to come back on Monday. If it had only been a couple of inches, the o2 guy could've just made a little path with a shovel if he needed to, but this was a ton more snow, and they aren't supposed to be getting rid of it. I totally get that. It's bad enough the 2 tanks I have weight at least 100lbs each, but to also be shoveling someone's sidewalks to be able to fill the tanks? That's ridiculous. Not to mention he doesn't have the time since other people need their oxygen, too! So they said they could come back on Monday, which would be better since it's supposed to be around 50 and raining, and maybe all this white crap will melt by then!!!

Now, after I got off the phone, I posted on Facebook that I wouldn't be getting oxygen, and I would have to watching my breathing over the weekend until they come on Monday. I was joking about that. But it kinda caused a bit of an uproar that I didn't mean to set off!! Several people were upset and worried that I was going to run out. I even had a phriend who lives near me offer a couple huge tanks to use just in case. I felt bad about making people nervous, so I had to put another status saying I'd be fine until at least next Friday (b/c honestly, I would be, but who wants to push it that close??), and so I know I'd make it to Monday, and that I wasn't worried about it! Hopefully that made people feel a bit better!

The weather ruined plans once again with 2 of my best friends. We were supposed to get together last night to hang out and celebrate Christmas since we haven't seen each other since before the holidays!! I think we might be exchanging gifts by the time we get to the holidays in December at this rate. lol Tonight, I was supposed to be going to the movies with 3 of my other good friends, but after a bunch of back and forth planning, somehow everything got scrapped. I've asked my sister if she'd like to finally go see Black Swan, so I'm waiting to find out if she can make it. I hope so, I just need to get out of the house and do something that doesn't require shopping or getting food!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding Bells

My youngest sister is getting married in September. Today, she had an appt at David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses. We got there and it was absolute zoo!! If I had to guess, I'd say there were at least 80 people trying dresses on during the time we were there, which was almost 3 1/2 hours. It was just crazy! Joan got assigned to a lady who would help her find dresses and bring them back and forth, etc. So we went browsing for a bit. I think when she had about 4 or 5 dresses, the lady (I can't remember her name!) asked Joan to start trying on dresses since there wasn't a lot of space in the changing room for a ton of dresses. So we all followed Joan and the search for a perfect dress started! We had pulled dresses she thought she might like, and we also had some as something silly. For example, a dress we called the doily dress. It kinda looked like a doily! The funny thing was, when she tried it on, we all kinda liked it! She even tried on a size that fit her better, and then kept it in the "maybe" pile. She had on another dress that she really liked, and so did Mandy and my mom, but I wasn't really too fond of it. But it was after that dress when she came out with this truly lovely dress that she just seemed to love as soon as she saw it in the mirror. When she came out of the changing room, we all went, "Ooooooooh." She had found her dress!! She was very happy that she had found one on her first day of trying, especially since she isn't one to really enjoy trying things on. So the dress was ordered and should be here in about 4 months (which I think is kinda crazy!). Then it was on to flower girl, junior bridesmaid, and bridesmaid dresses!

I had 3 dresses listed that I wanted to try out, and I tried to find them. I found 2 of them, but also found 3 others that weren't on the list. I brought them back to the changing room. Joan decided that a satiny dress would work best with her dress, so that eliminated a couple of the dresses I had picked out. I tried them on anyway! I've narrowed down my choices to two, one that is strapless, and one that isn't. I'm really really not sure about the strapless one, because well, I don't have the boobs for it. lol Mandy and Joan really loved it on me, though, and thought that if the top of it was adjusted, I'd look great. But I'm not sure yet. The other dress had thicker straps, and although I still don't have boobs for that one, it covered a bit more than the other dress. We are supposed to go back to the store to try on dresses again so that Joan's fiance's sister can try on some, too, so I might find something else I like! We still have some time!

I was so tired and starving when I got home. I made dinner and thought I'd crash a bit on the couch, but I didn't really snooze. So I think I'm definitely ready for bed very soon!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday (the 15th) was a little hard, because a year ago that day was the last time I had a very long conversation with Euan. I still remember much of it, the laughter we shared, and the hope for the future after he would get his heart transplant. We talked for a very long time before he had to go. We promised each other we'd write, an actual ink-on-paper letter, because we were both thinking how people never write letters anymore. I did write that letter and sent it to him, which he received a couple weeks later (I still don't know why it takes so darn long to get a letter sent to Canada!). I never got one back. While I understood that he wasn't feeling all that great in the last month of his life, I will always wonder if he actually started one but never got to finish. Or if he just didn't know how to reply to what I had written. I'll never know.

Today while drying my hair, I completely broke down. I haven't done that in awhile. I guess the coming of the one year anniversary of his death exactly a month from today (the 16th) is hitting me. I still miss him terribly. I still long for the conversations that would last hours. I miss seeing him laugh while we both chatted on the webcams. I miss his words of encouragement, and the way we would finish each other's sentences. I wonder how long I can hold on to those memories before they vanish completely, and all I have is the rememberance of a man I loved so much.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love To All

Valentine's Day ended about half an hour ago here. It's not a day that I dread too much anymore, but quite honestly, it's just another ordinary day for me. There are so many people in my life who I love tremendously, so I've changed my thought about this day only being meant for people who are in love. My family, my friends, and my phamily are the people who mean so much to me, and that's what keeps me going. Maybe some day I'll have that special someone. Maybe I won't. It does nothing for me to dwell on the fact that I'm single. I love it most days. And there are days when I really do wish I had someone. But if it's really meant to be for me, it'll happen when it's supposed to happen!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Accomplished Or Stupid?

I decided this morning that instead of exercising, I would do laundry. This may seem kind of silly to some people, but since I have to go up and down the stairs to the basement several times to do the laundry, it makes a lot of sense to me. Someone on Facebook said they don't know how I do the stairs and carry the laundry basket, and don't I get very short of breath? Then she said I was PHenomenal! Well, I'm not too sure about that. lol Going down the stairs is rather easy for me. It's going up that is the killer. And carrying a load of laundry doesn't make it easier, but I seem to do ok. I think for me, it's the amount of times I need to go up and down. Bring one load of laundry down, put it in the washer, go back up. Bring another load down when the washer is done, put the clean clothes in the dryer, the dirty ones in the washer, and go back upstairs until that load is done. Then I must trek back down there to put the clean ones in the dryer with the OTHER clean ones, and turn the dryer on. Eventually, I have to head back down there one more time to get the clothes out of the dryer. Of course, that's just 2 loads of laundry. Sometimes I do more than that! So, I got all that laundry done today. And I felt accomplished!

And then I also decided to change Mittens litter box. And that was STUPID. I wanted to get it done because tomorrow is garbage day, and so the old litter could go out there. I worked on it ever so slowly, taking breaks in between, but by the time I got everything all back together, I was so exhausted. I finally sat down, and thought maybe I'd get a nap in, but it was close to 5pm and I knew I would start dinner soon. So I just played online until it was time to cook.

After all the stuff I did during the day, you would've thought I'd nuke some leftovers or something, but no. I made another stupid move and made a stir fry. It turned out very yummy, but I got more tired from just making it. Soooooo, after eating and cleaning up in the kitchen, I finally crashed on the couch!! I ended up taking about a half hour power nap, and I feel pretty good right about now. But, I'm not doing anything for the rest of the night!! I definitely think I did plenty today!

Still Pondering

Just as I was almost ready to make a decision on the stuff I've been trying to figure out in the last several weeks, another discussion with some people made me rethink things yet again. I'm not as upset about everything as I was when all this started. Things will work out the way they are meant to be, it's just taking a lot more time than I thought it would trying to work it all out.

Last weekend, the temps "warmed" into the 30s. I had wanted to go out with my parents to Sam's Club and Wegman's to get stuff for Mittens on Saturday, but it ended up snowing quite a bit, and it was just too bad out to drive there. So, we went on Sunday. We got to Sam's Club, and as I waited for my mom to pay a bill, I discovered from watching one of their 20 tv displays that the club had free wifi. I took out my new phone to figure out how to hook up to it, and I did! As if I really need to look things up in the middle of Sam's Club, but I thought it was cool! We wandered around the store, getting the various things we were looking for (I buy Mittens' litter here), and got into one of the many long lines. I was surprised at how many people were still out and about considering it was Superbowl Sunday, but maybe they were all getting stuff before the big game!

We piled back into the van and made our way to Wegman's (which is where I get Mittens' food). I took out my phone to see if the store had wifi, and guess what? It did! As if I'd need to look something up in the middle of the pasta aisle! My mom got her prescriptions, we got into line to pay for our things, and then we were off again. We drove closer to home and stopped at the Family Dollar store (boooo, no wifi) for a few things my parents had seen on sale in their ad, and then they dropped me off at my house so I could try resting for a bit before going to their house for dinner.

I took a nap with Mittens for a little bit, and then went to my parents. We enjoyed some yummy roasted chicken from Sam's, and then I watched a little tv with my dad before my mom and I headed to the movies. We got there, and boy was the theater dead! Not too many people were out to see a movie considering that there was a huge football game on tv! We saw "The King's Speech." When I first started seeing previews for the movie, I thought, naaaa, not my type of movie. But then it was getting many good reviews, and by the time it was nominated for a bunch of Oscars, I decided I'd like to see it. When I had asked my mom over a week ago if it was something she'd like to see, she hesitantly said yes, and I said I'd go with her. My mom often wants to see movies that I really have no interest in, so she was actually happy that I wanted to go! I'm glad we did! After we fought over seats in the theater (kidding, we were the only ones in there at first lol), we watched the film, which was actually quite enjoyable! I really think it'll win most of the Oscars it was nominated for, if not all. I'm glad we went, especially on a night where we didn't have to worry about crowds!

Monday I had to get bloodwork done, and my mom and I had planned the night before to go shopping at a few stores since it was supposed to be in the mid-30s, and I'd be able to tolerate it better than the mid-teen temps for the rest of the week. But, when I called her after bloodwork to let her know I'd pick her up shortly, she said she didn't feel too good. I was disappointed at first, but actually relieved, since I was in a lot of pain for some reason. So, I picked up a med at Rite Aide, went to the credit union, and then headed home. I did take a Tylenol, but it took awhile for it to kick in, and I thought that if we had gone out shopping, I would've been miserable.

Yesterday, I exercised for about half an hour or so, walking 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill. I usually don't go that long, but I felt pretty good! I did some weights, too. Today, I only did 1/4 of a mile, but I thought it was better than doing nothing. I had a bit of a headache for some reason while walking, so I just didn't push it. After taking it easy for awhile after, I made some peanut butter & chocolate chip muffins, which ended up tasting SO good! I'm not always a fan of peanut butter and chocolate, so I'm really glad I like these!! I used natural peanut butter, which has only 3 grams of sugar per serving, so I thought that would work great, considering the recipe calls for 3/4 cup of sugar. lol So, I'll end this post with the recipe for anyone who would like to try them out!

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Muffins

2/3 cup peanut butter
2 tablespoons margarine -- melted
3/4 cup sugar
2 eggs
1-1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1-1/2 cups flour
1-1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup milk
1 cup (6-ounces) chocolate chips
Preheat the oven to 350-degrees. In a large bowl, combine the peanut butter and margarine until well blended.

Mix in sugar, eggs, and vanilla. Combine flour with baking powder and baking soda.

Add to peanut butter mixture along with milk and chocolate chips. Mix well. Spoon into 12 lined muffin tins.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until muffins spring back when touched lightly in the center.

Enjoy! My phriend who shared this with me said they freeze well, which is good for me since I might eat them all in a couple of days. That is NOT good. lol

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Billion Snowflakes

The biggest storm to hit the USA is happening between today and tomorrow, and so many people will be effected. I think I heard on the news last night that 32 states will be hit by the severe weather. Here in Western NY, it's not that big of a deal, since winter treachery is something we are used to, even when we get a ton of snow. But for the areas that aren't used to seeing so many of the white flakes, and the cold temps, I feel a bit bad for them. I just hope so many will be safe and warm until this storm rides out.