Accomplished Or Stupid?

I decided this morning that instead of exercising, I would do laundry. This may seem kind of silly to some people, but since I have to go up and down the stairs to the basement several times to do the laundry, it makes a lot of sense to me. Someone on Facebook said they don't know how I do the stairs and carry the laundry basket, and don't I get very short of breath? Then she said I was PHenomenal! Well, I'm not too sure about that. lol Going down the stairs is rather easy for me. It's going up that is the killer. And carrying a load of laundry doesn't make it easier, but I seem to do ok. I think for me, it's the amount of times I need to go up and down. Bring one load of laundry down, put it in the washer, go back up. Bring another load down when the washer is done, put the clean clothes in the dryer, the dirty ones in the washer, and go back upstairs until that load is done. Then I must trek back down there to put the clean ones in the dryer with the OTHER clean ones, and turn the dryer on. Eventually, I have to head back down there one more time to get the clothes out of the dryer. Of course, that's just 2 loads of laundry. Sometimes I do more than that! So, I got all that laundry done today. And I felt accomplished!

And then I also decided to change Mittens litter box. And that was STUPID. I wanted to get it done because tomorrow is garbage day, and so the old litter could go out there. I worked on it ever so slowly, taking breaks in between, but by the time I got everything all back together, I was so exhausted. I finally sat down, and thought maybe I'd get a nap in, but it was close to 5pm and I knew I would start dinner soon. So I just played online until it was time to cook.

After all the stuff I did during the day, you would've thought I'd nuke some leftovers or something, but no. I made another stupid move and made a stir fry. It turned out very yummy, but I got more tired from just making it. Soooooo, after eating and cleaning up in the kitchen, I finally crashed on the couch!! I ended up taking about a half hour power nap, and I feel pretty good right about now. But, I'm not doing anything for the rest of the night!! I definitely think I did plenty today!


sunshine said…
I think that doing housework is a great way to stay active and exercise. In your case you just need to make sure you do take enough time to rest as well so then it doesn't backfire on your breathing, but still keep up the good work and the positive attitude. Have a great weekend!!!

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