A Billion Snowflakes

The biggest storm to hit the USA is happening between today and tomorrow, and so many people will be effected. I think I heard on the news last night that 32 states will be hit by the severe weather. Here in Western NY, it's not that big of a deal, since winter treachery is something we are used to, even when we get a ton of snow. But for the areas that aren't used to seeing so many of the white flakes, and the cold temps, I feel a bit bad for them. I just hope so many will be safe and warm until this storm rides out.


The Mrs. said…
Have a great week Colleen!!!
Janie2 said…
My thoughts exactly. I love seeing snow photos but feel for the people not use to it and even those that deal with it all the time. In my area we are getting spring in January! It is crazy. Usually it is raining day and night by January.

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