A Rare Disease Indeed

Today was Rare Disease Day. I'm sharing this link for people to read about pulmonary hypertension, which is one of 7000 known rare diseases around the world. While PH is only one of 200 rare diseases that are treatable now, it is still misdiagnosed and unknown by too many people, including many doctors and nurses. I am hoping that one day soon, this will change!!


I had a rather busy day of doing laundry (ended up getting 4 loads done), washing dishes, and waiting for the oxygen guy. I was tired when I started everything, but I wanted to get it all done. So, I was exhausted by the time the late afternoon got here. I took a nap, but it didn't seem like it was long enough before I needed to get up to start dinner. My evening has been relaxing, though, and I'm definitely ready for bed!


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