Wedding Bells

My youngest sister is getting married in September. Today, she had an appt at David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses. We got there and it was absolute zoo!! If I had to guess, I'd say there were at least 80 people trying dresses on during the time we were there, which was almost 3 1/2 hours. It was just crazy! Joan got assigned to a lady who would help her find dresses and bring them back and forth, etc. So we went browsing for a bit. I think when she had about 4 or 5 dresses, the lady (I can't remember her name!) asked Joan to start trying on dresses since there wasn't a lot of space in the changing room for a ton of dresses. So we all followed Joan and the search for a perfect dress started! We had pulled dresses she thought she might like, and we also had some as something silly. For example, a dress we called the doily dress. It kinda looked like a doily! The funny thing was, when she tried it on, we all kinda liked it! She even tried on a size that fit her better, and then kept it in the "maybe" pile. She had on another dress that she really liked, and so did Mandy and my mom, but I wasn't really too fond of it. But it was after that dress when she came out with this truly lovely dress that she just seemed to love as soon as she saw it in the mirror. When she came out of the changing room, we all went, "Ooooooooh." She had found her dress!! She was very happy that she had found one on her first day of trying, especially since she isn't one to really enjoy trying things on. So the dress was ordered and should be here in about 4 months (which I think is kinda crazy!). Then it was on to flower girl, junior bridesmaid, and bridesmaid dresses!

I had 3 dresses listed that I wanted to try out, and I tried to find them. I found 2 of them, but also found 3 others that weren't on the list. I brought them back to the changing room. Joan decided that a satiny dress would work best with her dress, so that eliminated a couple of the dresses I had picked out. I tried them on anyway! I've narrowed down my choices to two, one that is strapless, and one that isn't. I'm really really not sure about the strapless one, because well, I don't have the boobs for it. lol Mandy and Joan really loved it on me, though, and thought that if the top of it was adjusted, I'd look great. But I'm not sure yet. The other dress had thicker straps, and although I still don't have boobs for that one, it covered a bit more than the other dress. We are supposed to go back to the store to try on dresses again so that Joan's fiance's sister can try on some, too, so I might find something else I like! We still have some time!

I was so tired and starving when I got home. I made dinner and thought I'd crash a bit on the couch, but I didn't really snooze. So I think I'm definitely ready for bed very soon!


That sounds fun. My daughter is getting married, but my sister in law is a well known seamstress and is creating her wedding dress to sew for her. I've looked at mother of the bride dresses....but must lose about 40 pounds before I'll buy one. It sure is fun looking. I bet you will look great in whatever you end up buying. Have a great day.
Jen said…
That does sound fun, I was reading and thinking or that show on TV where they shop for dresses, not Bridezilla. LOl What color is she having? I am sure you will look great in any of them Loca as you are beautiful :) Hugs and love to ya..hope ya got warmed up LOL

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