Sick Of The White Stuff

Another predicted snow storm was set to arrive by late Thursday night into Friday. When I woke up at 7am to take Revatio, I squinted out the window to see if we got anything, and I could tell that there wasn't anything to speak of! I figured the weather people got it wrong yet again, until I woke up on Friday around 10 and took another look. I could hardly see out my windows because there was snow plastered up around the sills. When I got my contacts in, I could see it snowing, and sure enough, the storm had arrived, hours later than it was supposed to come. Booo!! I've had it up to HERE with winter, and who knows how much more we have to tolerate of the cold and the white stuff?? By the time the oxygen guy had arrived to fill the tanks, we had around 8 inches, so he called me to ask if anyone was coming to shovel my front sidewalk. Usually, my dad will get up earlier on Fridays to shovel everything if there's snow. But when he went to work around 7, there wasn't anything to shovel. He couldn't leave work to come do it, and my mom wasn't able to get down here to do it, so I had no other option but to ask if it was possible for someone to come back on Monday. If it had only been a couple of inches, the o2 guy could've just made a little path with a shovel if he needed to, but this was a ton more snow, and they aren't supposed to be getting rid of it. I totally get that. It's bad enough the 2 tanks I have weight at least 100lbs each, but to also be shoveling someone's sidewalks to be able to fill the tanks? That's ridiculous. Not to mention he doesn't have the time since other people need their oxygen, too! So they said they could come back on Monday, which would be better since it's supposed to be around 50 and raining, and maybe all this white crap will melt by then!!!

Now, after I got off the phone, I posted on Facebook that I wouldn't be getting oxygen, and I would have to watching my breathing over the weekend until they come on Monday. I was joking about that. But it kinda caused a bit of an uproar that I didn't mean to set off!! Several people were upset and worried that I was going to run out. I even had a phriend who lives near me offer a couple huge tanks to use just in case. I felt bad about making people nervous, so I had to put another status saying I'd be fine until at least next Friday (b/c honestly, I would be, but who wants to push it that close??), and so I know I'd make it to Monday, and that I wasn't worried about it! Hopefully that made people feel a bit better!

The weather ruined plans once again with 2 of my best friends. We were supposed to get together last night to hang out and celebrate Christmas since we haven't seen each other since before the holidays!! I think we might be exchanging gifts by the time we get to the holidays in December at this rate. lol Tonight, I was supposed to be going to the movies with 3 of my other good friends, but after a bunch of back and forth planning, somehow everything got scrapped. I've asked my sister if she'd like to finally go see Black Swan, so I'm waiting to find out if she can make it. I hope so, I just need to get out of the house and do something that doesn't require shopping or getting food!!


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