Coffee Anyone?

I grew up hating the taste of coffee. I ADORE the smell of it, and often find myself in the coffee section of the grocery aisle sniffing in deeply. But the taste? Yuck!

Until recently. I have become a "coffee junkie" as K. called me the other day!!

Now, the biggest reason I have been drinking coffee every single afternoon for the last, oh, month and a half, is because of K. However, in the last several months, I have tasted coffee again and haven't found it to be too bad. It made me realize that the only way I had tasted coffee was when my dad had it as a kid, and I think he had his black. I definitely cannot have it black!! But with a little flavored cream (and there are sooooo  many out there!), I've been able to drink it, and like it a lot!

I got the cute little 4 cup coffee maker above awhile ago from It's perfect for me, and for whoever has coffee with me (mostly K.)! Like I said, I use it pretty much every day. I try to drink mostly decaf, but once in awhile I will have half regular/half decaf. And even more once in a blue moon, I will have full strength! I don't know what it is about coffee, though, no matter what kind I'm drinking, when the 2pm hour hits, my mind starts thinking, "COFFEE TIME!!" Now I know how avid coffee drinkers feel when they need to have their cup!!

One more little coffee story to add to this: Last Thursday I went out to Starbucks with a couple friends. When the gal behind the counter asked what I wanted, I said that I was a beginner at coffee, and I haven't yet had any outside of my house, and I had no idea what to order! So she kinda laughed and asked me if I liked flavors, which I do, and if I liked caramel, which I do, and that I could try a decaf caramel macchiato. I said sure, why not?? I handed her my Starbucks gift card that I've had since September and haven't been able to use yet, and she said the coffee was free since it was my first ever coffee at Starbucks! I thought that was so nice! So, I ordered a brownie! And, I thought the caramel macchiato tasted great! I guess I have expanded my world of coffee outside of the house!!


sunshine said…
I LOVE coffee, I am glad you gave it another try and realized what you have been missing... I take mine black and no sugar, love it :)

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