One 2012 Hope Has Been Planned!

I applied for the scholarship to the PH Conference in Orlando in June back in November. I found out a couple weeks ago that I got a partial scholarship to go. After two weeks of trying to figure out how to get there and with who, I have finally gotten everything settled!! Today I was registered for the conference and hotel rooms, and I also have.....PLANE TICKETS!! Yes, despite the fact that I truly did not want to fly to this, I finally decided it was something I needed to do!!  I really want to go to Hawaii some day, so I guess I might as well start with a fairly short flight, right?? I am going with a phriend and her two daughters and grandbaby! So, I will not be alone on the plane. We're going down the day before everything starts, so if I'm not feeling well after the plane ride, I'll have some time to rest. And we aren't leaving right after conference, we're staying for a couple more days! So it's not only conference, it's a mini-vacation!! I'm just so excited and nervous at the same time, but I think (and I sure hope) the nervousness will get better by the time June gets here!


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