A New Week

The weekend sure went by quick! I spent it cleaning during the day on Saturday, and Saturday night and most of Sunday with K. We had a very nice time together. Mexican food and a movie was our Saturday night date, and playing tennis on his Playstation was most of Sunday's happenings. I wish sometimes we could spend more time together during the week, but oh well. I take what I can get on my weekends!

I'm still kind of in a state of shock that I'm actually going to Florida in June. Sometimes when I think of all the phriends I get to meet at the conference, I actually get teary-eyed. Some of them I've been talking to for years and years. I am very nervous about flying, but I keep trying to build myself up and telling myself I'll be fine. I'll probably not end up thinking about it until June comes around, and I'm sure by the time the day comes to leave I'll be trying not to throw up. lol  I might have to ask my doctor for something to keep me relatively calm so I don't freak out on the plane!

This weeks seems to be pretty low key for me. Other than exercising (either at home or rehab), I don't have too much officially planned. Thursday I might see a couple friends. I am HOPING that on Saturday I can finally get together with my 2 best friends and their kids. We've been trying to do this for almost two months now. I don't know what our problem is, but we can't seem to follow through with the plans. Something comes up, or someone doesn't feel well. So I'm crossing fingers that this weekend is the one!! We have Christmas presents for each other from 2010!! Isn't that crazy??? If we don't exchange them soon, I'm just going to forget about it!! lol


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