Fallen Star

Yesterday the world learned that Whitney Houston died at the way too early age of 48. Investigation is continuing into her death, but so far foul play has been ruled out. In the last decade or so, she was more known for her strange behavior and drug addiction after marrying Bobby Brown, but it seemed as if she was trying to make a comeback in the last few years of her life.

But despite all the news on her behavior recently, I truly admired Whitney and loved her as a singer. That voice of hers...believe me, that voice was amazing to me. I am not a singer. I know I can't carry a tune. Does that stop me from belting out songs at the top of my lungs? No. Despite not being able to sing, that is one thing that I truly wish I was able to do, and I admit to being jealous of some awesome singers out there. Whitney was definitely one of the top artists I envied. Her voice was just beyond anything I'd ever heard, and I have tried to sing almost every song of hers that was released. Obviously, I didn't even come close to being good!! I hope that her voice and her beautiful songs will be how people remember her, because her talent will truly be missed.

My first memory of Whitney Houston is when I lip-synced and danced to "How Will I Know" when I was a young gal in Girl Scouts. We had a talent show the one year, and I believe that song was very popular at the time. I dressed up in a huge blue sweater (I think it was my dad's), wore a large black belt, and black tights, and had my mom put my hair up in a sideways pony tail. I don't remember if I won the show, but who cares! I just remember having fun to a song that was great!!

Tonight is the Grammy's, and plans have already been shifted to make room for honoring Whitney's talents and music. I'm sure the mood will be somber. But I hope they do a beautiful tribute to such a talented star. RIP Whitney, the world will miss your amazing voice!


sunshine said…
"How will I know" was probably the very first song I liked and sang to on the radio when I was a little girl (and I didn't even spoke english back then, LOL!)... RIP Whitney Houston, your music will live forever!
Teddybear said…
Colleen thank you for sharing with us about Whitney. I didn't hear about this. I also loved her voice it was so beautiful. May she rest in peace. Deb

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