Blah Saturday

I can't believe it's Saturday already. Where did this week go? It seemed to start out sooooo slow at first. Monday was such a long day. Twelve hours at a hospital is just not fun, not to mention it was a gorgeous day that I missed, too! Tuesday, I was back there again with my mom. But the good thing was, we brought my dad home. :) He's doing pretty good, just in a little pain and discomfort with the catheter. This coming Thursday can't some soon enough for him. He gets it out then, and I'm sure he's counting down the hours!!

Wednesday I went to my sister's house, and played with my niece. I hadn't seen them in awhile. The kids are just so cute. And spending time with Mandy is always fun. I am proud of her. I never thought she'd be the first to be a mommy out of the 4 of us, but she's done such a great job so far. She loves those kids more than anything, and I admire her for her strength.

Thursday was chore day. I didn't do too badly. I washed 2 loads of laundry, folded them and put them away. I washed my dishes. I also took out my winter wardrobe, and put away my summer stuff. Finally! And just in time, too. There's no way I'm wearing anything summery again for awhile. I'm sad about this! Anyway, I paced myself all day doing stuff. So I didn't get myself utterly exhausted. I hate that I have to do that, but I'd hate myself more if I didn't!

Friday, I felt so weird. I don't even know how to explain it. Not enough energy to get through the day, but somehow I did it because I had to. I went out to a few places, credit union, post office, pharmacy. Then I stopped by my parents' house to see my dad. The reverend from his old church was visiting. I called first to see if my dad was sleeping, and my mom answered, saying Rick James was visiting. I was like, "Isn't Rick James dead??" LOL Anywho, he was a nice man to meet. After he left, I stayed for a little bit, but then went home.

Today was just blah. I never even got out of pjs. I spent most of the morning online talking to people, reading stuff, playing games with my sister. The weather today was a bit warm early, but then eventually got chilly. I can't techically say I know this, because I didn't actually go outside. But the wind was pretty bad, and it was wet on and off. Hardly any peaks of sun. Maybe for like a minute. The only thing I finally did was change my bedding, which is not fun for me. I just cranked up the oxygen, and took my time. At least it got done, and now I will feel snuggly in clean sheets tonight!

That's about as much excitement as I can tell about right now. I'm off to take a shower!


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