What An October

This October flew by, and although there are still several days left, I'm rather relieved. I don't usually like when the months fly by, but this month was just so busy for me. Between going back to Cleveland in the beginning on the month, to three weekends in a row with major plans, I'm wiped! This weekend was my support group meeting, and it went really well. I had two UB students come talk about diet and nutrition. I had given them the PHA's website so they could learn more about pulmonary hypertension, and I was very impressed with how much of their talk incorporated appropriate ideas for PHers. I learned quite a bit, and the PHers who came to the meeting were great and asked alot of questions. It definitely went well!

Tomorrow, my dad is going to Roswell Park Cancer Institute for surgery. He discovered a couple years ago that he has prostate cancer. The doctors took a wait-and-see approach in treating it, and while the cancer is still not at a high risk point, the doctors saw something in his testing over the summer that prompted my dad to make a decision about having surgery. I know my dad doesn't want to do the surgery at all. He said he'd rather just live with the cancer. He's more worried about the possible side effects from surgery than dying from cancer. That's been a very hard pill for me to swallow, even though I know that is his decision. However, I'm very relieved that he is having the surgery tomorrow. So I've been praying for him for a couple months, that everything will go well, and his recovery will be quick, too!

Not too much else to report, really. I think I can finally concentrate more on making jewelry, and some gifts for people who asked me to make things. I want to have a jewelry party or two, so I need to start thinking of where and when. I need some cash, plus I just like people to see what I've made! lol

Well, I'm off to bed soon. I'm very glad that my dad doesn't have to be at the hospital until 10:30am. I think I'd have to find a hospital bed if he had to be there at like 6:30am. lol


Sue "T" said…
I will keep your father in my prayers, honey. I know how worried you have been about him and I am glad that he is having the surgery too and I hope for a speedy recovery.
You are right about October flying by. I had a busy month too but the best part of the end of the month is we are going to spend 9 days with my granddaughters, leaving October 26th and coming back the following Saturday. Oh my gosh Colleen, I'm blogging without a blog, hehe.
I better go now, please let us know about your father's surgery. I will pray!!
Many hugs and blessings to you and your family!!
Sue :-)

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