Flea Market Blues

I got all ready for a huge flea market that I signed up for today this week. I was so excited! I was hoping to sell at least one or two of my jewelry items or tealight lamps. My mom came over and got me around 8:30am. We packed the van with stuff (she had also some miscellaneous items she wanted to get rid of), and headed to the place where the flea market was supposed to be. It was nice and sunny, and I was prepared to have a nice afternoon!

We got to the place, and there were a ton of people setting up their tables. I found my table after trekking all over looking for it, and I started setting up my items. My mom made several trips to the van to bring all of her stuff, and eventually we got things situated. People started coming, and it was nice!

About 45 minutes later, ominous clouds started hovering above us. I thought, geesh, it isn't supposed to rain today. I saw the weather report at least 4 times for Saturday, and there was no rain involved. So I thought we should be alright. NOT! About 15 minutes later, it started drizzling. I saved the tealight lamp shades right away, since they are made of paper. We covered my jewelry with plastic bags, and waited to see how bad it might get. After a bit, it let up. For 5 minutes. My mom went to get us food, and it started really raining again. We eventually just packed everything up and left. I was so soaked by the time my mom dropped me off, that I had a hard time getting my jeans off to change. lol My fingers were wrinkled like prunes!! I don't know if there are people still there, although I'm sure there are. Some people left like we did, but quite a few were staying. I can't blame them for trying, but I just didn't want to take a chance of catching a cold or something!

Of course, now as I'm writing this, the rain has stopped and I see some sun peeking through. *SIGH*

A funny aside, however. I got hit on while there. lol There was a black guy at the table across from mine, he was nice and cute, too. when I was almost ready to leave, he said "well if you're not coming back tomorrow, how will I get your number?" and I said "what do you need that for?" and he said "cuz you're beautiful." *BLUSH* Then he said "your man is so lucky" and I said "yes, he is!" LOL I technically don't have a man, but I wasn't about to tell him otherwise! I just wasn't interested because, well, I happen to like someone else. :) :)

Alright, now that I'm completely tired from being up so early, and then being soaked, I must go take a nap!


Kathy said…
Hi there...I love the graphics on your page...I still cannot figure out how to fo all that...I have tried several times...beleive me. Anyway, sorry to hear there was a washout...I used to paint childrens rocking chairs and I did one craft show...I ended up in the hole...it is weird to think that b/c we are sick God should give us some kind of dispensation that all other aspects of our life should be easier??? Maybe this is just me being way off...but I do not think it is too much to ask...okay, I am rambling...don;t give up...try another show...jewelry does well and your stuff is very nice. When I have some extra money, I will buy some pieces. Take care, Kathy

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