I don't know where the energy came from today, but I have accomplished quite a bit. Even despite feeling a little blah. My sister and her husband are coming into town this weekend for a wedding that my whole family has been invited to. Lisa is in the wedding, since it's her best friend from high school getting married. So, I needed to clean up around here before they were coming! Well, I needed to clean period, but they were just motivation!

So from about 11am-2:30pm, I did the following:
-cleaned the bathroom
-vacuumed: thank goodness for the removal of carpets this summer from my place, because vacuuming takes far less time and effort to do now!
-hung up a couple pictures, and hit my thumb with the hammer AGAIN
-cleaned the glass table and mirrors
-hung up Halloween decorations, including those fake spider webs, which now makes it look like I've never cleaned! haha!

So, I guess maybe the Revatio is kicking in?? I don't know! I think what helped me along was the fact that I was listening to music the entire time. Music always gets me motivated! However, by the time 4pm rolled around, and I had finally had lunch and sat a bit, I was pretty tired. I tried taking a nap, but that was kinda unsuccessful. There is still alot more I'd like to accomplish, but I am not going to press my luck by doing any more today!


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