True Devotion

The area around the buildings where my dad works often brings about a collection of different wildlife. While I've never seen anything except for hawks flying about searching for lunch or dinner when I've gone there, my dad has seen deer, foxes, I think coyotes, rabbits, and various other critters. For the past few years at least, a pair of Canadian geese have come to visit quite often. I think they get treats when my dad has them, because I can't imagine they'd come back all the time for nothing.

Saturday, my dad heard honking, and turned to see a goose right near him. He looked around, but didn't see the goose's mate. The goose honked crazily at my dad, and turned around to walk toward one of the fences, as if it wanted my dad to follow it. Well, he did, and sadly found the other goose laying at the bottom of the fence. He isn't sure what happened, but thinks the goose must've hit the fence. He got some gloves and walked over to it, and realized that it had died. He actually got tears. Meanwhile, the other goose kept close by and kept honking. My dad picked up the poor dead goose, and placed it in another area to get it out of the way. The goose's partner just hung around it's deceased beloved, honking sadly. I find it amazing that this goose knew enough to get some help, and that it was sad that it's partner had passed. No one can tell me that animals don't have feelings. I don't believe it for a second.


Nancy said…
What a touching post. Thank you for sharing it.

I agree that animals have feelings, and they have a keen sense of when someone is sad or very ill.

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