Hellooooo Summer??

I dreaded winter coming this year, but that is not anything new. I dread it pretty much every year! So as usual, I was totally prepared to be locked inside the house for days on end for much of the winter months. I often skip rehab when it's bitter cold since I hate to be outside, and it hurts to breathe. I had all my pairs of long underwear ready for wearing daily. I was ready to double up on socks since my feet constantly freeze!

Instead, I've only missed rehab due to the weather twice. I've been able to be out and about every week almost. I've been wearing the long john's sporadically. And surprisingly I've only really needed one pair of socks every day. A major snow storm for this area just hasn't happened. I haven't watched my dad shovel the sidewalks constantly, and unfortunately for him, he hasn't had to plow that much for people. It's been one of the warmest winters I can ever remember. Oh sure, we've had some bitter cold days, but they have been few and far between. And I am not complaining!! I'm really glad this winter hasn't been awful!

In the middle of this week, a warmer weather pattern started that should last almost til the end of March. The past 2 days, it was in the 60s. For the next several days, it should be in the 70s. SEVENTIES. What??? This is just not right! I mean, I love it, yes!! But, I don't know, it's just so darn early for this weather to be happening! It's making me want to rip the plastic off all of my windows so I can open them up, put down the screens, and let the house get some fresh air!! But no!! Something tells me that if I do that, I'll jinx everything and we'll end up with a freakish spring snow or something!! lol  The one thought I know a lot of people are having is: What the heck is summer going to feel like???


lady jicky said…
I am in Australia and we are having an early winter !! YUK !
Like you - it hurts to breath and I hate winter but .... our summer can get Very hot - like 105f .

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