A Little Weekend Getaway!

Ever since I've been on the liquid oxygen, I haven't been able to just decide to go somewhere for a few days or a week or whatever because I no longer have a concentrator to pack in the car (or van) and go. It's been the most frustrating thing to me! When I had my little fiasco a couple weeks ago with the liquid tanks, I was given a pediatric concentrator to use, but it only goes up to 2 liters, when I'm supposed to be on 3. I haven't given it back, and so far no one's asked for it! I'd like to hang on to it to make a "trade" if one of the o2 guys can do it, but who knows when that'll be. I guess I can use it if I need to, but I really would like a different one if it's possible! Maybe some day I can get that figured out!

Anyway, about a month or so ago, my friend, Renee, announced plans to celebrate her 40th birthday. She wanted to go to a club in downtown Buffalo, and was hoping I'd be able to go as well! I asked K. about going, and he said sure. I also asked if it was ok if I arranged for a concentrator to be at his house, so that I could spend the weekend instead of having to worry about driving back home. He is closer to Buffalo than I am really! He said that would be ok. A few weeks ago, he realized the he actually works 2 minutes from my o2 company! So, he picked up the machine today on his lunch break. Then he asked if I'd like to test it out tonight, so now I'll be spending the weekend at his place. I'm so excited!! I mean, might as well get some use out of it if we're going to have it for the weekend. lol  I keep trying to figure out what would happen if K. doesn't return it. Would the company even know?? Considering no one seems to be concerned about the one I have here, maybe it wouldn't be a big problem?? Who knows!

Oxygen stuff has been kinda bugging me lately. I wish I had an easier way of being out and about with it, especially because I think this summer might be a busy one if I want to do stuff with K. My liquid o2 doesn't last all that long, and if I am out longer than what my Helios can hold, then I either have nothing and have to go home, or I have to remember to bring B tanks, which I used to have all the time before the liquid. I know there are portable oxygen concentrators, some which are rather small, but I don't believe my insurance will cover both that and liquid. And trying to buy one? Well, I don't have a few thousand dollars laying around!! It's all so frustrating sometimes, and one of the things that irritates me the most about having PH! I wish I was one of those PHers who didn't need to have supplemental o2. Or if I had to have it, I wish it could just be at night. I know my situation is a little different than most. No matter what amount of o2 I use, my saturation levels just don't go up that much. So I am able to not have it on for awhile and I don't feel too badly. But after several hours, I definitely know I need it back on. I'd need to have the o2 around no matter what. I almost feel trapped sometimes by this situation. I'm hoping I can figure out more what to do about it soon!!


Nelle said…
I hear you. My Mom has a house in upstate NY (Watkins Glen) where I could be visiting but I couldn't go last year because of needing oxygen 24/7. In the Fall I was able to get away with using it only at night but recently I had to start using it 24/7 again. I feel so tired if I try to do things without it. I keep thinking there must be people who purchase these things and later what happens to them? I would like to buy one cheap. I can get a small oxygen tank that can be used to fill my Helios but I don't think insurance will cover it (to put in my trunk.) I am so happy that you will have an entire weekend out of your home. We all need a getaway!
LC said…
I also use the Helios. They are great and love that they fit into my Gucci purse. :D I am on 2L at rest and 4L while walking. I find that they generally don't last as long as they state in the manual. I usually take 2 tanks with me whenever I'm out. And I don't do any overnight trips.. =(

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