Spring Has Sprung

This past Tuesday ushered in Spring, and yet for three days in a row, it felt more like summer! We had seven straight days of weather that shattered previous records for March! When the weather is supposed to be more around the 45 degree mark, a high of 81 degrees is just so strange and wonderful at the same time! Unfortunately, now we are back to spring-like temps, and today has been rainy so far. I'm glad I wasn't tempted enough to take the plastic down from the windows. Something tells me Mother Nature might still have a white surprise in store before the warmer weather kicks back into gear!

I've been feeling tired lately, and yesterday and today my lungs don't seem to like the weather changes. I'm a little more short of breath than usual, and it gets annoying. I'm still trying to keep up with exercising, though! I did my two days at pulmonary rehab, and on Wednesday I went for a short walk on a trail with K. where he lives. It was really nice since we walked right along a creek. I just love being near water! I also counted grocery shopping as exercising, which I did before I went to K.'s house. It's not necessarily being in the store buying things and then putting the groceries in the car. It's after that, when I need to somehow get all those bags into the house. I can usually get a few bags worth of groceries and be ok, but Wednesday, I had at least 10 bags of stuff that needed to go into the house. I slowly got everything inside, but talk about tired! My heart rate was up, and I needed to rest a couple times. So yes, for me, that is exercise!!

Last night, my mom and I met my friend, Dee, at the cheap theater to see The Artist. It was the silent movie that won Best Picture at the Oscars this year. We had wanted to see it, but it left the more expensive theater in a hurry it seems, and we never thought it would be at the cheap one. Lucky for us, it was! The movie started at 7, and let me tell you, I just LOVED it!! I can't honestly remember ever seeing a silent movie before, other than clips. This movie was just excellent. And it makes me want to find other silent films to watch! When the movie finished, I waited on a bench in the lobby while Dee and my mom went to the Ladies Room. I saw on the billboard for the list of movies that another movie  my mom and I had wanted to watch, The Departed, would be playing in about 25 minutes. When they got back from the bathroom, I asked my mom if she would want to stay and watch that as well! After much debating, we finally decided, what the heck, why not?? We were there anyway, and had nothing else to do! Sooo, we also watched The Departed! I thought it was a good movie, and George Clooney did a great job. But I honestly have to say, I love The Artist way more!! I really do recommend it if you'd like to try a silent film! It was a very nice evening with my mom, and I'm glad we decided to go for it and see two movies we both had been wanting to watch for a long time!


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