Has Anyone Seen My 60 Minutes?

Daylight savings time ended this past weekend, meaning that most everyone lost an hour of sleep. As much as I love the fact that we've gained more sunlight time in the evenings, trying to get used to those missing minutes is something I find really difficult. I've been so tired this week, trying not to nap for very long, but that doesn't always work. I'm hoping this feeling will end pretty soon!

My weekend with K. was so nice. I can't believe how comfortable I feel with him, and that's been ever since we met. The oxygen situation worked out fine. I still wish he didn't have to return the machine, though. Considering they still haven't said anything to me about the one I have here, I don't think they would've missed the one I had used at K's. Oh well, I guess! At least we know that if I want to stay at his house again, we can arrange it so he can pick up a machine!


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