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A week ago, I walked out of Walmart with a brand new cellphone. I had been able to upgrade my phone, and knew which one I wanted, but I had been pricing the phone at various stores and websites before settling with the brick-and-mortar Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is now mine, and I'm still trying to get used to it! It's been a little different than my Droid Incredible. Some things are easier (like turning off the mobile data with one touch), and some things are driving me nuts (the keyboard is annoying!!). But really, I have been enjoying the upgrade!

My favorite part of the phone is the camera. I can take a picture of something in front of me, and then take a picture of myself by touching a button. The camera lens turns around inside to face me instead of me having to turn the phone around. How cool is that??? I take waaaay too many profile pics of myself for Facebook, and delete so many of them before I settle on one I like, because I can't see what I look like while trying to take the picture. Now I can with the backward lens! Whoo hoo!

With the new phone, I decided to see what Instagram was all about, since it's the latest craze. It's pretty neat! I've mostly taken pictures of Mittens so far. Easy subject! Here's one I love!

I'm typing this post on my phone, so I'm not exactly sure where the picture will show up when I post it. I also can't add more than one picture! Does anyone use an app for blogging that's better than Blogaway?? Anyway, hopefully I can learn to do even more with this phone. It's really neat to think how much a phone can become more than just an object to talk on! :-)


PHA Toronto said…
Download the official Blogger App. It works well.
sunshine said…
Woo-hoo! Welcome to the Samsung gang, I love my S2 and I have seen the SIII and it's pretty sweet too.... Follow me on Instagram at caymansunshine

Would love to see more pics of Mittens!!!

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