Halloween Pics!

This post is to mainly see if the Blogger app can actually post more than one picture, which I see can! Thank you to the person who suggested using it!!

This post also is to show off the lovely artwork created by myself and my niece and nephew on Saturday night when I babysat! They are 7 and 5 years old respectively, and pretty artistic! I was told by both of them that my picture would warrant me having my own art studio. Gotta love kids and their wild imaginations! LOL

Can you guess which one is mine?? :)


sunshine said…
Those Halloween pictures are great, I think yours is the first one? Am I right???
Colleen said…
Yes, Sunshine, you are correct!! :)
Anonymous said…
LOL, great pics! It sounds like you all had a great evening with a few laughs as well too ;)
Hugs & Love :)
Anonymous said…
Great pictures and I already know which one yours was. I bet coloring together was fun. Haven't done that with a little one is so long... I live to far from my great-neices and great-nephews. Tell me about this app. I was able to load more than one picture with just blogger. And, do you use chrome +? What's that about?
Colleen said…
Madray, I sometimes use my smartphone to create posts for my blog. I found the Blogger app in the Android Play store, for free. It works better than the other app I was using! And yes, I also use Google Chrome. I think it's been better than Internet Explorer because it doesn't crash nearly as much. I've been using it for maybe a year or so now! :)
LC said…
Cute. How playing with crayons!

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