Today was a pretty busy day for me, and I'm exhausted!  I'm waiting for my wonderful heated mattress pad to warm up so I can go to bed rather shortly!! This is what my day consisted of:

1. Going to pulmonary rehab, after picking up my mom since she also had an appointment at the same time at the hospital.

2. Dropping my mom back off at her house about an hour later.

3. Rushing through a very quick lunch and a 2 minute clothing change at my house all within 15 minutes.

4. Driving 45 minutes to get to an ear doctor appointment, stopping for a tall decaf caramel macchiato at Starbucks on the way (yum yum!!).

5. Waiting 35 minutes in the tiny little room to see the doctor when I WAS ON TIME TO SEE HIM. Grrr, that always irritates me!

6. Going to A.C. Moore to buy everything in the store buy a trifold display, which I happened to get half off with a coupon!!

7. Browsing Old Navy in search of something to use my $25 gift card on, and walking out with nothing.

8. Driving back to Niagara Falls to run some more errands, including dropping off a package at UPS, and loading up on canned food for Mittens (I'm trying to get him off dry food, it's going to take a loooooooong time).

9. Walking around Walmart buying everything in the store buying the things I had on my list, and the things I did not.

10. Popping into Big Lots in hopes of finding a TV antenna, and instead walking out of there with boxes of Christmas ornaments for my new tree!!

11. Getting home way past my dinner time (and Mittens'), unpacking everything, making a quick dinner and crashing on the couch for the rest of the night!!

While I'm mostly glad that I am able to go out and about by myself for very long periods of time like I was today, the tiredness from it can sometimes get to me. I am exhausted, but not as much as I thought I'd be. Hmmm, that doesn't make sense, does it?? I guess maybe I am too tired to think and make reasonable sentences!!  Well anyway, the thought of a nice, comfy warm bed waiting for me to snuggle into is very appealing!!! So that is where I'm headed right about now!!


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