Winds, Lightbulbs, And Awareness

Yesterday, everyone along the East coast were prepared to be hit by Hurricane Sandy, especially areas of New Jersey and New York, which ended up being a couple of the worst hit places. Phriends from around the country started asking me how I was making out as early as yesterday morning, when nothing was happening. To be honest, I was expecting some big winds and nasty weather, but it wasn't going to be anything like those living right near the coast. We did have lots of rain here, and the winds were high, but we've had gustier winds than what was whipping up last night. The pictures from the storm have been jaw-dropping, and some of them just sad. Flooding in so many areas, tons of cars damaged, and buildings. Millions of people are without power. There have been some deaths, as well. There are a few phriends I haven't heard from since last night, so I'm praying they are safe and ok!!

Last night, I was frustrated with my indoor antenna because the reception wasn't too great. I kept moving everything around, and then googled some tips on how to make reception better. Of course, many articles were saying an outdoor antenna was a better option. So, as I sat there trying to watch The Voice, I had a "lightbulb moment." In my living room, there are two cables located on two different walls. The one cable I had used when I had actual cable, and then changed to the Dish. The other cable has just been sitting there. It occurred to me that I must have an antenna on the roof!!

Umm, HELLO??????  I've only lived here, what, almost 14 YEARS???? LOL

Sooooo, after The Voice was over, I shut everything off. I unhooked the indoor antenna, and hooked up the mystery cable. I turned the tv back on, and let it scan for channels. VOILA! I had 21!! I truly did have an antenna on the roof!!

I will be returning the indoor antenna as soon as I can, and just tell them what a dork I am that I didn't realize I had one outside the house. lol

And in final news, PH Awareness month is two days away!! November 1st, I will start using Facebook and my blog as an awareness tool to promote awareness of this crappy disease! I hope to also write regular posts in between, so sometimes I might have a couple posts in one day. I will also be putting my display board up at two hospitals, so I guess I actually need to MAKE it!! I have much of the supplies I want to use, so it shouldn't be too hard! I'll be posting pictures of it as soon as I'm done! I'm excited to be spreading the word about PH in so many different ways!!


JenC said…
Too funny, but glad ya found the outdoor antenna!! LOL

Hope ya are having a great day, love your Blog! I am trying to work on mine but need help with idea I have, hopefully will have it soon, so keep watching during the month to see if it changes, LOL.

Love and hugs to ya :))

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