Giveaway Participation!

I've been reading a blog by a lovely lady named Sunshine for quite some time now! She loves to do little prize giveaways every once in awhile! I did win a great cookbook from her some time ago, and a sweet handmade panda bear (totally adorable), and I'll be honest, I'm a little selfish right now with the fact that I'd love to win what's up for grabs in her current blog giveaway!! LOL! I'll give you a little hint about why...her prize would go nicely with a new mug I received for my birthday last month that I totally adore and use quite often!! Here it is!

Isn't it a hoot??? LOL!!

So, any WHOOOOOOOO (I couldn't resist!!), Sunshine is giving away a cute handmade Amigurumi Owl! If you'd like to see it, please go here! You can also enter to win if you'd like! Don't just hang out at that post, read her entire blog if you can! She's a pretty upbeat person who likes to talk about life on the Cayman Islands, which totally makes me jealous sometimes!! 


sunshine said…
Thanks Colleen for mentioning my giveaway and for participating, good luck on the raffle!!!!

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