What A Crock!

Several years ago, I used some points from a survey site I joined to get my first ever crock pot. It was a large crock pot, and my first meal from it was lasagna. I didn't know you could make lasagna in the crock pot!! Anyway, I used it several more times, but the size of it kept me from using it more often. I mean, I'm only one person trying to eat a ton of leftovers, and not everything freezes well!

So a couple years ago, Mandy's crock pot bit the bullet. Since it was near my birthday, I offered to give her mine if she'd buy me a 4qt crock pot. She agreed! The smaller size has been perfect for me!

This is the time of year when I love using the crock pot the most. Soups are the best, but so are stews. And although I usually despise dealing with bones and skin on a chicken (which is why I only buy boneless skinless chicken breasts), a whole chicken in there comes out SO GOOD!! See how cute it looks in there?? It literally falls apart when done, so it's pretty easy to deal with.And then I can make homemade chicken broth!

So, if anyone out there is considering a crock pot, I'd highly recommend it!! There are tons of recipes out there. It's simple to just throw ingredients together and get a delicious dinner by the evening!


JenC said…
LOL, too funny, I hate cutting and messing with chicken with bones and skin as well. I usually buy boneless skinless breasts as well, but Manny likes the skin and likes the thighs and legs, actually tonight we had oven fried chicken, I had the boneless skinless breasts and his legs, LOL
How long did ya cook it? Maybe I should go back and read, LOL
Hugs and love to ya Loca :)
JenC said…
BTW I do love mine too, it is the bigger one, and how long did ya cook yours? Did you just rub it down with seasonings and spices?
Colleen said…
I cooked the chicken on High for 6 hours! I put down a layer of baby carrots and celery, stuffed a half an onion inside the chicken, and seasoned it with garlic powder, pepper and a little bit of salt. MMmmmm!!!

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