Well, I thought I'd try this out. I have a journal I keep to myself at home, but I thought I'd like to just type out thoughts online. Heck, that's where I am half the time! I hope to just add random thoughts as much as I can--about the weather, about what I'm doing, just about anything. With that in mind.....today is a beautiful, sunny day! It's getting warmer, should be a great day for the Peach Festival. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go! I've been going since I was little, it's almost a tradition. So anyway, that's about what's been going on today so far. It's been kinda a lazy day, I'm just tired. Either that, or I'm trying to avoid doing my dishes. haha

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It is a beautiful day in the nieghberhood!!! :) I just got out of work and a little frustrated with the way people drive. But I shall relax and go to the Peach Festival myself when Rick gets out of work. And, Colleenie, do your dishes!! lolComment from balonie24 - 9/6/03 5:03 PM


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