Fun night....bad headache!

Last night, I had a great time! I went with my sister, her boyfriend, and his friends to see a band called Strictly Hip. They played Tragically Hip songs, and then a variety of songs during their last set. They were really good! It's the first time I've been out to Bragg's in a while. I saw some people I knew, and missed seeing. And a few who I didn't miss! lol I also drank a lot more than I should have, but I had a good time with my Joanie! :D

We saw Tanya out last night, and I wanted to say hi to her, but I didn't. She had to of known I was there, I was standing right in front of her. Whatever, I certainly don't miss the way she acts. I was watching her, and she just seems so...I don't know, fake, maybe. I'm not sure if that's exactly the words I'm looking for, but it's a start. I hate the fact that I miss her, yet can't stand to see her the way she is. It's an odd feeling.

Well, I think next Saturday, when we go out for my bday, will be my last drinking day. The medicine I'll soon be taking has a side affect of liver damage, so adding alcohol to that really isn't a good idea! It's ok, I can start drinking other stuff when I go out to a water. lol Well, off I go to rest my head!


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