I'm listening to an artist I heard on the tv this morning. He's pretty mellow. So now I'm mellow. It's very tiring! lol It gets ya thinking, too. The thought that has crossed my mind lately is that next week I will be 28. And I've never known what it's like to be in love. :( Sometimes I just feel like I never will. It's really rather depressing. Why is it that I can't find someone? It always seems like the health thing gets in the way, at least, that's what it seems like to me. I'm always told I'm wrong, but I can't help wondering. So anyway, that is just one of many thoughts I've had in the past couple days that has bothered me. Other than the constant wondering of the ramifications of a lung transplant. That thought doesn't seem to ever go away. Well, time to go to bed. I'm getting way too sad to be writing much more. :( Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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I LOVE YOU MY SISTORE!!!!!! I know its not the same and its not what u were looking for but u can always know i will forever love u no matter what u do and what u decide about ur health. i hope this cheers u up today. :) :*Comment from balonie24 - 9/11/03 12:12 PM


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