Back To The Crappy Weather!

I got back home from NC on Saturday night around 8:30pm. The trip was a lot better than going down there, I made sure I didn't watch any movies, which is what I think made me get carsick on the way down. I did listen to What About Bob?, but I know the movie by heart, so I really didn't have to watch it! When I got home, I put away most of my stuff, and tried to hang out with Mittens. He was a bit mad at first, and stayed in the cupboard for awhile, but eventually he got over it and wouldn't leave my side. I missed him, too!!

Sunday was rest day. I woke up around 9am, took a shower, and then the fatigue hit me. I just laid low and hung out with the laptop in the bedroom for most of the day! I also got the Partylite stuff from my candle party the weekend before I left, so I sorted that for the people who ordered stuff. I love the things I ended up getting! I'll have to try to take a pic of the reflections candle holder I've loved ever since I saw it several years ago. I put 6 tealights in it, but it gets reflected, so it looks like there are 100s of them. It's sooooo cool!

Today I had bloodwork done, did money stuff at the credit union, and mailed out a couple things before heading back home. I made a couple necklaces for my upstairs neighbor with horse-themed charms that I bought at the Michael's store while I was in NC. She really really loved them when I gave them to her, and said I didn't have to do that! I wanted to give her something for taking care of Mittens while I was gone. I'm glad that at least she likes them both! I took a brief nap in the late afternoon, and made a late dinner. I also watched the SNOW that was outside my windows!! We are supposed to get some more by morning. Grrrrr!!! It makes me wish I was able to stay down in NC another week, or until the nicer weather comes around here again!!!

I'm going to rehab tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. I actually missed not going for a week!! I am glad that it seems to be helping me because I did pretty well while I was away. I think lifting weights (I am doing 5lbs right now, 12 repetitions) helped me to be able to hold my nephew for quite some time while I was visiting! I think I'll have to pump way more iron if I want to be able to hold him the next time I see him. LOL! Well anyway, I should get to bed so I have enough energy for tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
LOL..I bet lifting him was your workout;))I agree you better increase the weight before you see him next time..
love & hugs,

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