Nine years ago today, I was at my PCP's office for the third time with a major respiratory illness. After examining me, leaving the room for a few minutes, and then coming back in a very serious mode, my doctor told me (with tears in her eyes) to quit my job. I think I was really stunned. Honestly, I don't remember how I felt at that exact moment, but I just remembered asking her to write it down on a piece of paper so that I could give it to my employer as proof she didn't want me working anymore. I left her office with another round of antibiotics, and headed right then and there to the office building for Headstart. I cried all the way there. I composed myself when I got inside, and tried to keep it together when I handed my note over and explained that I needed to stop working, but it was the hardest thing ever. I don't remember much about what happened after that on that day. While it's still on my mind, it is no longer such a tragic part of my life. I look at is as my doctor telling me something that saved my life. Had she never told me to quit, I would have never thought that I needed to quit my job. I might not be here today, because I am hard-headed, and would have kept teaching! I even tell my doctor the few times she has brought that day up, and how hard it was for her to tell me to quit, that she did me such a favor that day. I think she feels a bit better when I tell her that, for I know it was not an easy decision for her to make.

I saw a news story on one of the local news websites just a bit ago saying that today marks the 14th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Wow, 14 years?? I can't believe that much time has gone by. The bomber, Timothy McVeigh, was from this area, and the atomosphere around here was more like shock and awe when it happened. That same day, though, my dad got into a very serious accident at work. I remember working at Niagara University that day, driving home (I had only just gotten my license a couple weeks before that!), and being told that my dad was in the hospital. He had a 2-ton piece of pipe roll over on his legs, only stopping from crushing him because a small piece of cardboard got in the way. He ended up being out of work for quite awhile, and he had a hospital bed in the living room to stay in for several weeks. I am sooooo relieved that nothing more serious happened to him, that was serious enough!! He still has issues he's been dealing with in regards to that accident. But, at least he's still here and doing fairly well!

So I am hoping that one year, April 19th will actually be a very good thing for some very good reason. Then I won't have to remember the tragic things that have happened on this day, even though life after that has turned out alright.


Anonymous said…
Oh Colleen..I hope today was at least a little bit of a good day..What tragedies...
Man I know when we can no longer work we do feel shcoked and think it is the end of our world but then somehow we find a new world:))
I am happy that your Dad survived that horrible accident..
Hang in ther..* HUGS* :)0
Love ya,
Wendy's Mom said…
Oh Colleen! I can see that you are what my Mother use to call "a Date person too". Sometimes when I am having a bad day I think of what the DATE is and there are times that something significant happened on that day in the past. I remember the Oklahoma Bombing, I was at work when it happened. Another co-worker and I went and spent 2 weeks working in Oklahoma after the bombing. It was a very sad time, but yet a very rememorable time too. I am glad I was able to make a difference in some people's lifes. Although I will never forget the sadness and how horrible and traggic the actual Federal Building site was. I can say that it brought people that never knew each other together though. Not sure I could handle even going back there all these years later.

I am glad that your Dad was fine after that accident. He is one lucky man! He is also lucky to have a loving daughter like you.

Loosing our lives as we knew it was very traggic for all of us. You have several people who completely understand. I know I do!

I wish so much something more exciting could happen on this day so that you would have something positive to think about on April 19th.

~ Lor said…
I'm sorry you had to give up something you loved doing. You still make a difference and teach in another way now by sharing your story. And you're there for other people and their families going through the same thing you are.

Thank goodness for cardboard and that your dad is ok!


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