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Well I never sold anything in my store last week. I only had a total of 36 hits on my store (or visits), and that was for an entire day. I was a bit disappointed. I guess I gave it a shot, though! I'm at least glad that all my new pics are up and done, and I won't have to worry about retaking anything.

I had a very nice weekend. Friday I went out to eat with Erin, and then we went back to my house to get Eve, who was waiting there. I drove us to the Wine Bar, and we spent a few hours kickin' back the martinis and just chatting away. Eve and Erin are dealing with really big emotional things right now, and I really feel for both of them. All I can really do for them is keep them in my prayers, even though I wish I could do more.

Saturday night we went to the Easter vigil mass at St. Joseph's church. It was the mass where they baptized, confirmed, and gave Communion for the first time to several people going through RCIA classes for a few months. It was a loooooong Mass. Parts of it were nice, but some parts just dragged on. For the first hour, we sat in candlelight. Everyone had a candlestick, and I kept getting wax dripped onto my fingers, despite the piece of paper that was supposed to help block that. It was cool, though. I liked looking around the church and seeing all the candles, it seemed peaceful to me. It was nice going at night, but I'm not sure I'd do it again next year!

Sunday morning/afternoon was nice and relaxing since I didn't have to worry about going to church. I finally caught up on Lost, which I was three weeks behind in watching! Boy, that show is good!! I made my deviled eggs and jello to bring over to Mandy's house for dinner. My favorite part of dinner was when my niece said, as she was eating her roll, "Hey guys, my bread is missing something. Oh, I know what it is, it's butter!" LOL Then she asked for some butter. It was just too funny, it got us all cracking up! Dinner was very yummy, dessert was delicious, and the pics we took were really cute! I finally have one of me with both my niece and nephew, even though they are watching tv and not paying attention to the fact they were getting their picture taken! I also have a really adorable one of the two of them together on the couch. Not even a minute after that, my nephew tried to bite my niece, and they just started fighting with each other. Ahhhh, siblings. lol

I did three loads of laundry yesterday, filed a year and a half worth of paperwork, and cleaned out my living room table to make room for the candles I got from my candle party a few weeks ago. I was quite busy, and definitely needed a nap in the afternoon!

I went to rehab this morning, and I'm now waiting for the FedEx person to deliver my free crockpot! I do a bunch of surveys for different sites, and one of them rewards you with free merchandise. I had enough points to get a smaller crockpot, so I placed the order last week, and it's coming today. I'm excited!! I can't wait to make something with it. I might try Ellen's crockpot lasagna, then I can have my parents' and Joanie over!!


Jen said…
Let us know what you make in that crock pot:))
Your Niece & Nephew sound adorable:) That was too cute about the butter;)
hope you are not getting sick..Rest good tonite ...TTYL
Love & hugs:)
Jeannie said…
hi colleen, sounds like you had a pleasant holiday weekend... if it wasn't for the crockpot, i'd never cook (and the crockpot is in no danger of being worn out any time soon!). you know, there are even frozen bags of stuff ready for the crockpot? i bought several but haven't tried them yet... way too much trouble... i mean, you gotta cut the bag open... put stuff in the crockpot... probably add water... then wait... oops... AND remember to turn the thing on... then wash it... THEN... you're left with all those dirty dishes. lean cuisine... way to go. ;-)
but... seriously, i DO have a great vegetable soup recipe... makes enough for 900 servings, freezes well, and is SOOOO good... and can be sodium free... or at least very low sodium... and still great taste. JeannieTX

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