A Bit Excited And Nervous!

I have been preparing my Etsy jewelry store for the past few weeks for some changes. I re-shot pictures of EVERYTHING, because the picture quality of all my items just wasn't up to par. Mandy told me how to take pictures of items close up, and when I got the hang of it, I loved how much better the new pics looked compared to the old! Of course, Etsy won't take the pixel size of the pics I took, so I had to change all of them to make sure the pics could be uploaded onto the site. All of this took many days to get through, between taking the pics, resizing them, and putting the new ones up on the site and taking down the old. But, I got it all finished before I went on vacation!

Etsy has several sections where stores can be featured, and if you would like your store to be in a certain section, you can pay a fee for a slot in that section for a certain day. The thing is, though, it's TOUGH getting a slot! A couple weeks ago, I was going to see about getting a slot that went on sale at 12 noon, and then completely forgot to try to get it. Later that night, a bit after midnight, I remembered and logged onto Etsy to see if there were any slots left. I saw that they listed a Spring Section, so I luckily was able to buy a slot for tomorrow (April 9th)!! So hopefully my store will be viewed by a TON of people, and I sure hope maybe at least one person will make a purchase!!

So if you'd like to visit my store, you can click on the widget in the right hand bar of my blog, or just click here!


Wendy's Mom said…
I just went and looked at your store and you have some BEAUTIFUL pieces in there. I am sure that if they feature your store that someone will buy something. I am serious too. Heck if I had the money I would buy a piece or two. Actually I might see what I can do in a few weeks because I will need something to wear to a banquet. I need to find the outfit first though. LOL!!

Nancy said…
You have such wonderful items, and the pictures really show their special beauty.

What's your secret to getting such a tight and perfect wrap on the wire? I made some stitch markers at Christmas for my knitting buddies. My wraps were pretty pathetic.
Jen said…
Wow..great pics..You always do such nice stuff..I am learning...LOL..I bet you get lots of stuff sold...$$$$ :))
As you can see I am catching up on Blogs...LOL..you have been busy updating the last few days;)
Good luck on your sales:))
Love & hugs,
Cathy said…
As always you create beautiful things. Hope you got lots of sales!

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