Ocean Life

Lisa has made the nursery into an ocean-themed room, which of course, I just LOVE! While we were there, she was continuing the waves she started painting on one of the walls, and I helped her by tracing wave patterns on the other walls so she could just paint them when she had some time. She also started tracing fishies on the water part of the wall, and asked us to paint a fish for her little guy. I wanted to paint oxygen tubing on my fish, or maybe some bling, but sadly that idea got shot down! LOL! That's ok, I like how my fish turned out anyway, mainly because she actually had RED paint!!! Whooo hoooo!! After it dried, I added silver squigglies. My mom painted her fish blue, and added white dots and stripes afterward. My dad painted his fishy hot pink. lol I think he did a really good job! I'm sure my nephew will like to know in the future who painted the fishies, and Lisa will be able to talk about who did what fish and when. I think it was a great idea!


Nancy said…
What a clever idea. Too bad you did get to add the cannula.
Wendy's Mom said…
ahh how cute!! You guys needed to add eyes and a mouth to the fishies though. No matter what they will be special to the little guy for several years now.
Hey I think the oxygen thing would have been cute and in honor of YOU. LOL! The red one is still very cute no matter what and he will soon learn that the RED one was from his Auntie Colleen!

You better get ready for he is going to want you to go fishing with him when you see him. LOL!!

Jen said…
Cool..you guys did a great job:))
Oh well no o2...
He will know "red" is from you..LOL
That is so cute:)
Love & hugs,

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