Happy Bit Of News!

It's been awhile since I posted any good news out there in the world! I wanted to embed this video in my blog, but the links on Youtube have all been disabled. So, if you haven't seen or heard about Susan Boyle, you might want to click on her name and watch the incredible video! I have seen it three times in the past couple days, including on the news, and I get a bit teary-eyed every time. Talk about judging a book by it's cover....NO one, and I mean NO ONE, could have ever expected that voice to come out of that woman! It lifts my spirits when I watch it, and what makes it even more wonderful is the look of shock and awe on Simon's face!! Enjoy!


Nancy said…
She does have a fabulous voice, but I admire her more for her grit. Can you imagine going through life putting up with the behavior she experienced at first from the audience and judges. The national news discovered she has been bullied all of her life by those around her. Her voice is the pearl made from those experiences. Bravo, Susan Boyle!

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