I'm sick. I was really hoping yesterday that the sneezing and the irritated throat I had was just something in the air, but apparently not. I used half a box of Kleenex last night, and I woke up with my throat on fire. Darn it, head cold!! It figures that the weather gets nicer, and I am sick. Why couldn't I have gotten sick in the dead of winter, if I had to get sick at all??? I'm just hoping it doesn't last long. As I recall, the last time I was sick, I had a sore throat that lasted almost a week before I decided to see if it was strep (which it wasn't). At least my sore throat seems to be gone already. I'm just having a problem breathing! My nose is going through periods of time when it's so runny I'm blowing it every 5 minutes. Then I take Revatio. And I can't breathe because my nose gets all stuffed up! You'd think that'd be a good thing, but it's really not! I've been using nasal spray, which does help a bit. But I seriously hate hate hate stuff up my nose. Not like tubing, b/c although that is up my nose, it's not ALL the way up my nose, and coming out the other side. Not like a neti pot, which I keep getting told to use, but I just can't do it. I don't care what people tell me!!! Anywho, I'm sure I've just painted a wonderful sexy picture of myself dripping all over and trying to breathe, so I'm going to just try to go to bed now!!!


Jen said…
Colleen..I am sorry..Hope it gets better soon...I know with all that and then the stuffiness from Revatio it is a pain in the ass!!
I also only have tried the Neti pot once but made Manny use it a few tmes...He hates it too...LOL Not my fave thing either..
Hang in there and hope this resolves soon so you can get out and about:)
Hugs& Love,

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