Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Pills

As much as I wanted to go to rehab today, I finally decided not to since my ear was bothering me and I thought the A/C in the gym would really make it worse. I spent the day doing little things for my upcoming PH support group meeting in October, hosting PH chat for a little while, and making several attempts at trying to take a nap. Every time I tried, something would come up. The phone would ring, the doorbell rang, I'd just get to sleep and the phone would ring again. It wasn't until after dinner that I finally dozed for a little bit on the couch.

After debating back and forth for 20 minutes this afternoon, I finally decided to just call my doctor's office and tell them I didn't think my ear was 100% better, and that the antibiotic I've been on was going to be done tomorrow. I got the triage nurse, and when she answered, I could tell by her voice that it was my doctor's nurse. Yay!! After I mentioned my name, J. asked me right away if my ear was any better b/c she's on my Facebook page and she's been following my status updates. I said that was the reason I was calling, b/c my ear wasn't totally fine. So she said she'd talk to my doctor and hopefully I could get a stronger dose of the amoxicillin I've been on already, and maybe drops for the pain I've been having in my ear. Although she didn't think she'd have to call back, she did later on (one of the phone calls that kept me from napping, but oh well!), and said she called in the antibiotic but the drops were out since I have the tube in my ear. DUH, why didn't I think of that?? If anything goes into the tubes and right into the ear drum, that would hurt even more! So if this 7 day round of drugs doesn't help my ear, I have to call the ear doctor to see what they say. I am really just hoping the stronger meds to the trick, so I won't have to see the ear doctor. I'm worried he might need to remove the tube and I don't want that pain again. So here's keeping my fingers crossed that my ear gets better!!

Drawn To Scale

We had a yard sale this past weekend, and my niece and nephew were here for awhile on Friday morning. Trying to find things for them to do is good to a point. My niece, H, is 5 and can pay attention to things longer than my nephew, S, who is 3. At one point, H was given a pad of paper and some crayons, so she started drawing. Here she drew a picture of me, and when she was done she said she wanted to put it on my fridge. I asked her where Mittens was in my picture. She proclaimed that she didn't know how to draw a cat. And so I told her to just draw a big circle for the body, and a smaller circle for the head, and some triangles for the ears, and a long tail. She asked if Mittens was all orange, and I said yes, except for his tummy, where he has white fur. I'd say she did a pretty darn good job drawing Mittens. I swear it's drawn to scale. LOL! This picture is currently hanging on my fridge, but I do think I want to get a frame for it. It's one of my favorites from H, and one I'd like to keep for as long as I can.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I was having such a good summer, mostly feeling well enough to do things and go places with family and friends. I was doing so well with rehab, proud that I could go up a bit with walking and loving all my muscles and such. lol The heat of the summer was something I enjoyed so much, despite the fact that many people didn't like it (I can't help it, I freeze so much in the winter that I look so forward to the summer temps!). I didn't expect things to slam to a halt and push me backwards so quickly like it did when I got sick with a cold and ear infection. I've had colds before, but they have not been as frequent as they were 10 years ago when I was around germy children and adults every day while teaching. In fact, the last time I got sick was in January, and the time before that was the spring months prior. It just seems when I do get a cold, it takes so much longer to recover fully than it did the last time, and that's a little scary.

My cold now is pretty much gone. I have 2 more days of antibiotics, and then that's done. My ear has ached slightly over the weekend, but other than that, I think the cold is over. My body just hasn't quite caught up yet. I've been having issues with my stomach, feeling totally bloated most of the day. I can't figure out what it's from. I'm not retaining enough fluid for that to be the reason b/c I weigh the same each morning. It could be the antibiotic, although I've taken the same one every time I get an ear infection, that I can't possibly believe it's the cause. I did start a new progestin pill several weeks ago, but I would have thought I'd already feel this way starting it back then. And of course, there's the female crap that could be the reason, but it's just really not clear to me yet. All I know is that there definitely was a good reason for me to be told never to get pregnant. I've been so bloated that my stomach has really protruded some nights, and I can hardly breathe. Now I know why I'd never survive pregnancy. It's so awful to lay there at night and almost feel as if I'm suffocating, even on 3 pillows. And it's been so hard to do things during the day b/c I feel like the bloated feeling is just zapping any energy I have. I have a bunch of things I need to do around the house, and I need to go to several stores, but I just don't have the umph to do it. I keep thinking if I put something off, I'd be able to do it another day, but I don't know. It's just not happening so far!

I'm going to finish the antibiotic and see what happens. I really doubt it's causing the problem, but I really don't know. Might as well rule one thing out at a time! I am crossing my fingers that maybe tomorrow I can go to rehab and just exercise at a slow pace. My mind really wants to, but I will have to wait and see what my body feels like doing. Right now, it's ruling most of my decisions!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Like Yesterday

Three years ago today was the last time I saw Euan in person. Actually, it was only the second time I had ever seen him. His parents dropped him off here and left to enjoy dinner in a restaurant a few blocks away, so Euan and I could spend some quality time together. This was shortly after we had realized we had feelings for each other, and he felt well enough to hang out for a little while. It was such a wonderful evening, talking and laughing, sharing stories, kidding around. Even the kiss we shared was so beautiful, until discovering afterward that it had started his heart beating so fast that it wouldn't slow down. Although that was definitely not funny at the time, Euan and I both laughed at it long afterward, and as recently as February when we talked about that night. It was an evening we had both hoped to share again one day, and again and again....but it will just never be.

I thought about Euan most of the day today, but I really got a smile (and some tears) when I saw 2 sitings of big, beautiful orange butterflies. The white mothy butterflies have been around a lot lately, but since summer is nearing and end, the bigger and more colorful ones haven't been seen much. So, I just KNEW that today's butterflies were Euan's doing. I knew he had to be telling me that he remembered this day just as well. The 2nd butterfly I saw flew so close to me, I thought it might land on me. I wish it had! I would've bawled my eyes out with surprise, grief, joy, everything I had. But, seeing it up close was awesome, and I'm glad to know that Euan found this day worth remembering just like I had. I'm still wishing so badly he were actually still around to repeat that day once more.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Invading Space

The last several days have not been easy. I have felt so crappy, but the worst part of it has been the excruciating pain of an ear infection. I've had tons of ear infections over the years. In fact, every time I get sick, I usually have one. My right ear has always been the target for the infections. I had tubes twice in my right ear as a kid, and I just recently had one put in this summer since it wasn't draining for a long time, there was lots of fluid behind my eardrum, and I couldn't hear well. I was really hoping that because of the new tube, I wouldn't be prone to ear infections if I got sick again, but well, I was wrong.

So anyway, Monday morning I made a call to my doctor, told them how I was feeling, and was able to get an appt at 4pm with the nurse practitioner. I waited patiently all afternoon for that appt, and didn't take anything for the pain since Tylenol Arthritis just wasn't helping much. My mom brought me to my appt, I saw the NP, and she gave me amoxicillin (which I always take for infections) and Tylenol with codeine. I had called my PH specialist right before leaving to find out of taking Tylenol 3 would be ok, and she said yes. So here I am thinking, Yay! The Tylenol 3 will help with the pain! Well, I took half of one after eating (I was nervous about taking it since I'd never had codeine before), and it made me sleepy but didn't help with the pain much. I took the other half of it a couple hours later. I got sleepier, but still had pain. Then I ended up with a fever. A phriend told me it would be ok to take Tylenol Arthritis to bring the fever down, but little did I know that the new bottle I bought was extended release tablets. Sooooo, it seemed to take forever for it to work, but it did eventually bring the fever down. Within the next 8 hours, I ended up taking 2 more Tylenol Arthritis, b/c I was hoping it'd help with the pain more than the Tylenol 3. Nope. Nada.

Tuesday I was still in pain. Now, besides the mes, I had also been heating up my heating pad at least 6 times a day, trying to ease the pain that way. I'd also just been laying on my left side whenever I would rest, so nothing would drain into my right ear. As long as I'd fall asleep and had the heating pad, the pain didn't seem bad, but as soon as I got up, there it was again. Finally, Tuesday around 4pm, I took a whole Tylenol 3. I was knocked out for a little over 3 hours. When I finally jolted awake after 7, I felt like I was stoned. I felt so totally out of it and weird. It is NOT a feeling I liked very much! And, of course, the pain was still there when I woke up. So, I don't think it's something I'll take again, unless I feel the need to take it at night b/c I might not be able to sleep!

This morning when I got up, the pain was still there, but I couldn't tell if was more intense or what. I had a hard time eating my apple, and I had cut it up. My jaw just hurt, it felt like I was trying to eat leather. Around 12:30, I was trying to decide whether to try taking 2 Tylenol Arthritis, or one Excedrin Migraine since I was also getting a headache. I finally decided on the Excedrin. I was surprised about 20 minutes later when I started noticing that my ear/jaw pain was decreasing. The pain eventually went from a 15 to a 2. I couldn't believe it!! Tylenol with codeine did nothing for the pain, but Excedrin did???? Very weird!! But I was happy! I eventually took a nap for a couple hours in the afternoon, and for once ate a good meal for dinner, the first I'd had since Friday. I took another Excedrin after dinner, but I'm done with that for awhile. I have a feeling if I went for bloodwork any time soon, my numbers would be off the chart. I've had so much Tylenol that my liver is probably hating me at the moment, and I know for sure my Coumadin levels are probably very out of whack!! It's a good thing I don't need to get bloodwork done until next month!

So, last night, I felt like just sleeping on the couch for the night. I was hoping the change in scenery would make me feel more comfortable. It was huge mistake. Mr. Mittens apparently thought I was taking over his territory. You see, when I got him as a tiny, 2 month old kitty, the very first night when I went to bed, I shut my bedroom door and let him have the apartment while I slept. Wow, that was mean, you might be thinking? No, not really! I just didn't want to have a cat sleeping with me, and furring up my sheets. I was also pretty sure I wouldn't be getting that much sleep. So for the almost 10 years that I've had him, he's always had the apartment to himself while I slept at night. Soooooo, last night, I'm sure he thought I was invading his space! Which is probably why, around 2am, he jumped up on the arm of the couch and bit my head. UGH!!! So, I got up and went into the bedroom. Stinkin' cat!! Guess I deserved it!! LOL

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm sick.

It isn't pleasant having PH and dealing with your average cold. It's even worse when it's summer. I think all the lack of naps and the busy days last week finally caught up with me. Last night, I felt sniffly, and although my throat wasn't sore, it felt odd. I drank tea with honey and sniffed a bottle of Vicks occasionally throughout the night (not the best idea, at one point I stuck my little finger in the bottle, and the gross slimy feel of the stuff woke me up long enough to grab a kleenex, wipe my finger off, cap the bottle and drift back to sleep). I woke up not feeling much better, but at least I finally had a morning to sleep in. Most of the day, I did nothing. I took Mucinex, not the green one, but the blue one. PHers need to make sure they don't take a decongestant because it isn't good for us. That totally sucks, let me tell you. I took decongestants growing up, and they really helped me when I was sick. Now, sadly, I pretty much have to let the stupid cold run it's course. So that means I'll be spending days taking Mucinex, extra vitamin C, cups of tea with honey and lemon, and maybe even slathering myself up with Vicks (another no-no for those of us on oxygen since it's flammable, but seriously, I'm stupid and take the risk so I can feel better!). The occasional Tylenol might be swallowed, especially if my throat actually does get worse. It's on the verge. I'm trying to keep it away from the verge!! And on that note, I'm going to bed early!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching Up Is A Vicious Cycle

It's amazing how tiring it is to lose a few days worth of naps. All I feel like doing in the past couple days is sleeping! It's a real pain in the butt to have some good days PH-wise, and overdoing it on those days, and then losing a few days to recovery. And yet, do I learn from it? It seems like I never do. Does anyone dealing with a chronic illness learn?? We all take our good days for granted, as if they are a golden opportunity to do all the things we can't do on a bad day. We may clean, or go shopping, or go out to eat with family and/or friends. We may get things done that we didn't have the energy for before. We may try cramming all of those things into one day, because, that the heck, we are feeling pretty darn good today and nothing is impossible! Good day ends, and wham! The next day feels as if we hit a brick wall. Nothing is happening that day, for we completely overdid it, yet again, on our good day. It's a vicious cycle, and I am guilty over and over for never breaking that cycle and limiting myself to only doing a couple things on a good day. Grrrrr!! So anyways, on that note, it's naptime!! *sigh*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Interesting (And Tiring) Days

It's been a long and rather eventful several days, and I'm getting worn out a lot lately. I think I need to get more rest than I have been getting!

Last weekend I traveled to my Grandma's in Horseheads, NY, with my mom, Mandy and the kids. It was a brief trip. We left Saturday morning, got there in the early afternoon. The kids explored the house and were in awe at how big it seemed to them. We didn't do too much the rest of the day, just hung out at Grandma's (although I did go to church with her, my mom and one of my aunts), and ate a late dinner. Preparations for the next day were started by my Grandma, and eventually I was tired enough to call it a night.

Sunday was rather rainy, which kinda stunk since the kids couldn't really run around and explore the very large backyard at Grandma's. They spent most of the time watching programs on tv, while we got food ready for the afternoon party that was going to happen at another aunt's home. My aunt's children were all at her house, so she invited anyone else who wanted to come see them over there, too. It was the reason why we had come down for the short weekend. I hadn't seen a few of my cousins in, gosh, I don't know how long. Anyway, we got to my aunt's around 4ish, and ate tons of food and talked with relatives for a long time. Pictures were taken, laughter was shared, it was fun! We ended up leaving around 10ish, way past the kids' bedtime. I didn't stay up too much longer after getting back to Grandma's, because I was tired as well.

We left Grandma's on Monday morning around 10am so we could go to Hobby Lobby in Elmira (about 10 minutes away) before making the trip back to Niagara. There is a Hobby Lobby in Western NY, but it's probably about a 45 minute drive, and I just haven't made the effort to go and find it. So we entered the store, and wow, it was a lot bigger than I thought! After some exploring, I found the bead aisles (yes, more than one aisle!), and got excited when I saw 50% off signs for the huge majority of the beads. I don't remember how many strands of beautiful beads I ended up holding on to in my hands (shoulda got a hand basket, but didn't think of it!), but by the time we checked out, I had spent $56 and some change. I told the cashier where we were from and that there is a store near us in Cheektowage, although she said Depew. She said that store was bigger, which I can't possibly imagine!! One of these days, I guess I will need to make a field trip to the one near us! We all got back into the van, and on our way home we went, getting there around 3pm after a couple mandatory stops on the way. It was a quick couple of days, but it was fun traveling with the kids, and I'm glad that we all got to go and have a good time.

What marred the trip just a little bit was the fact that during the day on Sunday, we found out about a family back home who had suffered a very tragic loss of a loved one who found life apparently too unbearable to take anymore, and ended it very abruptly. The shock of it all still haunts me, the whys were never answered with a note, and I feel so terribly awful for the family. I will never understand why it happened, although really, it's not my place to understand. I only wish the family eventual peace, and my thoughts will be with them for a long time to come.

Tuesday was an interesting day, starting off by going to rehab and being rather tired trying to exercise. Afterward, I went to The Silo for lunch with a couple of my friends, and it was a great time to hang out near the water and get lots of fresh air. On the way home, as I was driving back up the hill, I noticed that my car didn't seem to want to get up that hill very well. As we kept driving, I heard a noise, and asked my friends if they heard it, too, but they thought it was the bus next to us as we waited for the light to turn red. When we continued going, eventually we really did hear a weird noise, and I knew something had to be wrong! Dee thought it was my muffler scraping on the road, but I have heard that sound before, and I just knew that wasn't it (besides that fact that I had had my muffler replaced not even a year ago). The closer we got to the Niagara University campus, where I had to drop off Dee, the more the noise got louder. Suddenly it dawned on me what it could be: a flat tire! I finally got onto the campus and pulled into the nearest parking lot. We all got out of the car, and sure enough, the back wheel on my side was flat as a pancake. Gosh darn it!! It was just before 4pm, so I called my dad, who works less than 5 minutes from the campus. He told me he could come when he finished up working at 4:30, so we just stood outside the car and chatted about a ton of things while waiting. He showed up at 4:45, precisely when Renee predicted he'd show (she's good!), and he changed the tire (apparently I had run over a nail). I dropped Dee off safely at her car, and made my way home. Renee took off after that, and I was hoping I could relax a little before going to the wake of the above-mentioned person who had died. Not so much, though!

Shortly after ironing pants and changing for the wake, my mom called me to say they were coming to pick me up. We got to the funeral home a little after 6pm, and there was a line forming out the door. We couldn't believe it, and yet, it didn't surprise me. We ended up waiting in line to give our condolences for 2 hours. I've never seen so many people who thought highly of this person, and the person's family. It was such a tribute to this family. I am sure that they couldn't believe how many people came through the line. My guess would have to be at least 1,000 in the 4+ hours of the wake. It was something to see, that's for sure.

We left the funeral home after 8pm to go search for something to eat, since none of us had dinner. I suggested Denny's, so we headed there. Almost wish I had suggested something else, because it was just so noisy. I usually have a high tolerance for noise, but I was tired and hungry, and I knew my dad was irritated with the commotion as well. The waitress kept forgetting to bring things, too. The food was ok, but by the time we got out of there, I was just so happy!! My parents dropped me off, and I tried to relax the rest of the night before I headed to bed.

Wednesday, I went to a movie with Mandy and the kids. We saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, which we had all seen before, just not on the big screen. The movie theater does free movies for kids every week during the summer, so I wanted to go see this one with them! It was a fun time, and the kids enjoyed the movie! I saw them to their car to say good bye and then headed to mine. There was a lady leaning against her car, and when I started coming over, she asked me if that was my car. I said yes, and she said I had hit it. I was a little stunned, because seriously, I would have totally remembered doing something like that! She pointed to a red line on the side of her white car, and told me that I had hit it. She then pointed to a spot on my car door, and apparently thought that spot was a white mark (it was chipped paint), and said again that I hit her door. Then she kept telling me that I had to be more careful, and that I was parked too close. I said I was right in between the lines, which I was. Then, I unlocked my car door and opened it to see how it could have hit her car. The red line on her car didn't even come anywhere near where my door opened up. So then I knew she was giving me a crock of shit. The only reason I didn't argue with her was because she said she didn't want my info, but that I had to be more careful because I had hit her car (which by then, I knew she was loony). I seriously think the only reason she didn't do anything was because she didn't expect me to be wearing oxygen. I got into my car to start leaving, and I heard the lady in the van on the other side of my car tell the crazy lady to try using a Magic Eraser to get the red line out. Trust me, this works, because my sister got off a ton of rust with one of those on her white car!! So anyway, I was totally highly irritated, even though I kept telling myself to just shake it off since the crazy lady didn't do anything about her car that I did NOT hit!!

I got home and listened to messages I had gotten during the movie, and called my dad back. He had made some calls about getting new tires, and told me that one guy could get a pair of new ones from Rochester, NY, but wanted to know first if I could afford $170.78. Unfortunately, I could. Since I am not getting a tv right away anymore, the money I'd been saving for one could be used for emergencies, and sadly, my car needed a new tire!! Not a fun way to spend money, I'd say!! So he said he'd call the guy back and let him know he could order the tires. I made a couple more calls, ate some lunch, and then seriously had to lay down for awhile. I had gotten up around 8:30am so I could get ready to meet Mandy an hour later, so I was tired from that and from not having naps for 3 days in a row. It caught up with me! The nap wasn't all that great at first, but eventually, I was out like a light. I slept for several hours, and it felt good! I was able to carry on for the rest of the day!

And then there is today, Thursday. Although officially now it's Friday, since it's a bit after midnight. Well, I went to rehab, which was good, and then I got home and called to see if I could get the new tires on my car. They said yes, so I went right over. I ended up talking to the owner of the garage, who my dad has known for years and years, for almost the entire time the tires were being put on Miss Saturn. He was amazed that I had all 4 original tires on my 12 year old car (yes, I said the orginal tires), and that my car only has over 36K miles. I told him I simply can't afford another car, so I need to keep mine well as best as I could! I also talked to him quite a bit about PH, since he was asking me questions about how I was doing. It was so nice talking to him, he's a good guy! My car was finished eventually, and I went back home. I ended up having a mellow afternoon, and a nice nap, waking up to a phone call from my dad who was coming to pick up one of my old tires so I'd have it as a back up in case I needed it. Then I made dinner, and ate one of my only 2 tomatoes that grew from the plant on the front porch. It was tasty! I just wish more had grown! My evening after that consisted of participating in an hour and a half survey, and then watching my Netflix movie (The Last King of Scotland, with Forest Whitaker). And now I think I'm caught up with my crazy and hectic last week! Here's hoping for a relaxing weekend!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stupid Spam

I've been getting random comments from stupid people that are obviously spam. I'm glad that I set up comments to be approved by me first, but the amount of spam keeps increasing lately. So, I just tried adding a word security thing to see if that'll stop it for awhile. I sure hope so!!

Mittens is peeking around the corner at me. It's almost 1am and he has been running around the apartment, sounding like a galloping horse. Wish he'd do that more during the day!! He's happy I'm home, I was gone for a couple days visiting family. I missed his cute lil face!! Off to bed now since I've been up since 8am, didn't get a nap, and tried to keep my niece and nephew entertained on the trip back home. Fun times, but very tiring!! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

That's One Ticked Off Cat

I swear, I didn't do anything to him!! Mittens likes to bang on the apartment door that leads into the shared hallway every once in awhile, meaning he wants to go out to explore (not outside, just in the house!). I don't mind, and usually will let him out, knowing he'll head for the basement to wander. However, the last several times he's gone out there, I find him later on the landing going up to the upstairs neighbor's apartment. He just likes to sit there. Last Friday, he didn't seem to appreciate that I caught him up there and took a picture!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New Challenge

Today at rehab, I started a new challenge for myself. In the last several weeks on the treadmill, I've been able to walk almost 20 minutes at 2.5% grade (incline) and 2.2mph. Most of the time, while tired, I felt ok after walking this long. On Friday, after walking up many hills on our excursion to the Falls, I realized that had I never been walking on an incline on the treadmill, I probably would have really been hurting on the way up the hills. I was tired, very tired, but it wasn't terrible. And sooo, I decided today to increase the grade on the treadmill. I put it at 3%, and since it was the first time walking that, I only set the pace at 1.5mph, and was able to manage 10 minutes with no problem. So Thursday, I will increase the speed a notch. I know once I start increasing higher, I probably won't walk as long at first. It'll take time! But, it took about a year for me to get used to the 2.5% grade, so I don't expect to be used to 3% any time soon. Hopefully this new challenge will help me deal with walking in general whenever I have to do it for long periods of time. Maybe, just maybe, it'll even help with a 6 minute walk in the future. Who knows!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Playing Tourist

Today I played tourist with Mandy and the kids in our own backyard! We went down to see the Falls this morning, something I hadn't done in several years, besides going down a month ago to see the fireworks at night. It's kinda sad that the Falls are less than 10 minutes away, and I don't go see them more often. The parking is really what kills it for me. I could find free parking, but then I'd have to walk quite a distance to get to the areas that shows the Falls up close. Or, I can pay the $10 parking fee for the lot that isn't far from the Falls, but I wouldn't spend enough time to justify paying that 10 bucks. Mandy had a parking pass for all the state parks, though, so we went together, and I'm glad we did! It was a beautiful morning, not humid or hot (although it was a bit chilly the closer we got to the Falls), and it wasn't terribly crowded. Here are some of the pictures I got! I did get some video clips, too. I'll try to put them up tomorrow!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Getting Back

It's the 2nd day of August, and so far, my headaches are better. The weather yesterday afternoon got warmer and a bit muggier, and voilá! The headaches disappeared. I knew they were weather-related!

Yesterday I finally worked on a wire bracelet and earring set for one of my friends. Her birthday was in July, and I hadn't made anything yet. I haven't seen her all summer, either. I will on Saturday, so I figured I needed to get my butt in gear! I finished the set in the evening, and then worked on a necklace pattern for a triple illusion necklace and earring set. I used really beautiful green beads, but it took forever for me to decide on how I wanted it to look before I settled with a final look! Today I worked on it. It took a few hours to complete, with some breaks here and there, but it looks great! After that, I set up another pattern to work on tomorrow, or whenever I find some time. I really need to get myself back into working on jewelry. I hate when I lose inspiration or just plan don't do it unless I'm asked. With the holidays approaching (ok yes, it's the beginning of August, but people DO shop this early!), I need new items to make people interested in buying! I also need to work on some new things for the store. I have been selling things there, but it's been close to a year since I brought in anything new. I think the wire jewelry might do good there, but I need to make more to even see if it'll sell! I think I need to give myself a work schedule! Of course, it's a little hard to follow when you're your own boss!