Stupid Spam

I've been getting random comments from stupid people that are obviously spam. I'm glad that I set up comments to be approved by me first, but the amount of spam keeps increasing lately. So, I just tried adding a word security thing to see if that'll stop it for awhile. I sure hope so!!

Mittens is peeking around the corner at me. It's almost 1am and he has been running around the apartment, sounding like a galloping horse. Wish he'd do that more during the day!! He's happy I'm home, I was gone for a couple days visiting family. I missed his cute lil face!! Off to bed now since I've been up since 8am, didn't get a nap, and tried to keep my niece and nephew entertained on the trip back home. Fun times, but very tiring!! :)


Sorry to hear people are not respecting your blog. Spam. Why do we have to deal with that? Anyway, I wanted to know how much do you think your cat weighs? He seems like a large cat from his photo. Hoping you are having a good day.

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