I was having such a good summer, mostly feeling well enough to do things and go places with family and friends. I was doing so well with rehab, proud that I could go up a bit with walking and loving all my muscles and such. lol The heat of the summer was something I enjoyed so much, despite the fact that many people didn't like it (I can't help it, I freeze so much in the winter that I look so forward to the summer temps!). I didn't expect things to slam to a halt and push me backwards so quickly like it did when I got sick with a cold and ear infection. I've had colds before, but they have not been as frequent as they were 10 years ago when I was around germy children and adults every day while teaching. In fact, the last time I got sick was in January, and the time before that was the spring months prior. It just seems when I do get a cold, it takes so much longer to recover fully than it did the last time, and that's a little scary.

My cold now is pretty much gone. I have 2 more days of antibiotics, and then that's done. My ear has ached slightly over the weekend, but other than that, I think the cold is over. My body just hasn't quite caught up yet. I've been having issues with my stomach, feeling totally bloated most of the day. I can't figure out what it's from. I'm not retaining enough fluid for that to be the reason b/c I weigh the same each morning. It could be the antibiotic, although I've taken the same one every time I get an ear infection, that I can't possibly believe it's the cause. I did start a new progestin pill several weeks ago, but I would have thought I'd already feel this way starting it back then. And of course, there's the female crap that could be the reason, but it's just really not clear to me yet. All I know is that there definitely was a good reason for me to be told never to get pregnant. I've been so bloated that my stomach has really protruded some nights, and I can hardly breathe. Now I know why I'd never survive pregnancy. It's so awful to lay there at night and almost feel as if I'm suffocating, even on 3 pillows. And it's been so hard to do things during the day b/c I feel like the bloated feeling is just zapping any energy I have. I have a bunch of things I need to do around the house, and I need to go to several stores, but I just don't have the umph to do it. I keep thinking if I put something off, I'd be able to do it another day, but I don't know. It's just not happening so far!

I'm going to finish the antibiotic and see what happens. I really doubt it's causing the problem, but I really don't know. Might as well rule one thing out at a time! I am crossing my fingers that maybe tomorrow I can go to rehab and just exercise at a slow pace. My mind really wants to, but I will have to wait and see what my body feels like doing. Right now, it's ruling most of my decisions!


CL said…
Sorry about the bloating and your health in general. I have been having swelling issues with my feet and legs. I do know we PHers need to get thee to the doc at the first sign of sickness and not wait. That is the lesson I learned from my week in the hospital. (((hugs))) to you, Colleen. Slow and easy. :-)

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