I'm sick.

It isn't pleasant having PH and dealing with your average cold. It's even worse when it's summer. I think all the lack of naps and the busy days last week finally caught up with me. Last night, I felt sniffly, and although my throat wasn't sore, it felt odd. I drank tea with honey and sniffed a bottle of Vicks occasionally throughout the night (not the best idea, at one point I stuck my little finger in the bottle, and the gross slimy feel of the stuff woke me up long enough to grab a kleenex, wipe my finger off, cap the bottle and drift back to sleep). I woke up not feeling much better, but at least I finally had a morning to sleep in. Most of the day, I did nothing. I took Mucinex, not the green one, but the blue one. PHers need to make sure they don't take a decongestant because it isn't good for us. That totally sucks, let me tell you. I took decongestants growing up, and they really helped me when I was sick. Now, sadly, I pretty much have to let the stupid cold run it's course. So that means I'll be spending days taking Mucinex, extra vitamin C, cups of tea with honey and lemon, and maybe even slathering myself up with Vicks (another no-no for those of us on oxygen since it's flammable, but seriously, I'm stupid and take the risk so I can feel better!). The occasional Tylenol might be swallowed, especially if my throat actually does get worse. It's on the verge. I'm trying to keep it away from the verge!! And on that note, I'm going to bed early!!


Can you take Echanecia (however it's spelled)?? It works like a natural antibiotic by boosting your T-cells to fight the infection. Echanecia with Purpura for viral, Echanecia with Goldenrod for bacterial...6 caps in the morning and 6 at night for four days might work for you if you can use them. Hope it passes fast. Thanks for the tip about decongestants...I have high blood pressure too so I can't use them but didn't know the PH doesn't mix well either. Praying for you!!
Hope you are feeling better soon. A cold in summer is not fun. Even worse for you.
Silvergirl said…
Hope you feel better soon! (((Hugs)))

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