That's One Ticked Off Cat

I swear, I didn't do anything to him!! Mittens likes to bang on the apartment door that leads into the shared hallway every once in awhile, meaning he wants to go out to explore (not outside, just in the house!). I don't mind, and usually will let him out, knowing he'll head for the basement to wander. However, the last several times he's gone out there, I find him later on the landing going up to the upstairs neighbor's apartment. He just likes to sit there. Last Friday, he didn't seem to appreciate that I caught him up there and took a picture!!


Jen said…
Wow Mittens seems even bigger..LOL
Is that possible? You must be feeding her brownies...

Thx for all my extra hugs, that seemed to come at the perfect times...Hugs are great anytime. I love ya Loca...Hugs..hope to talk to ya soon. Take care!! Night!!
Ok, because I too have a big orange and white cat, I have to ask. Is Mittens THAT big or is it mostly his fur that makes him look huge? Mine has short fur so, no cover up for his obesity.
So your cat weighs 25 pounds! Wow, big guy. I think that orange cats are the best natured critters. I have had a few cats, and tend to go for the orange ones. Is he a lap cat too?

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