More Pills

As much as I wanted to go to rehab today, I finally decided not to since my ear was bothering me and I thought the A/C in the gym would really make it worse. I spent the day doing little things for my upcoming PH support group meeting in October, hosting PH chat for a little while, and making several attempts at trying to take a nap. Every time I tried, something would come up. The phone would ring, the doorbell rang, I'd just get to sleep and the phone would ring again. It wasn't until after dinner that I finally dozed for a little bit on the couch.

After debating back and forth for 20 minutes this afternoon, I finally decided to just call my doctor's office and tell them I didn't think my ear was 100% better, and that the antibiotic I've been on was going to be done tomorrow. I got the triage nurse, and when she answered, I could tell by her voice that it was my doctor's nurse. Yay!! After I mentioned my name, J. asked me right away if my ear was any better b/c she's on my Facebook page and she's been following my status updates. I said that was the reason I was calling, b/c my ear wasn't totally fine. So she said she'd talk to my doctor and hopefully I could get a stronger dose of the amoxicillin I've been on already, and maybe drops for the pain I've been having in my ear. Although she didn't think she'd have to call back, she did later on (one of the phone calls that kept me from napping, but oh well!), and said she called in the antibiotic but the drops were out since I have the tube in my ear. DUH, why didn't I think of that?? If anything goes into the tubes and right into the ear drum, that would hurt even more! So if this 7 day round of drugs doesn't help my ear, I have to call the ear doctor to see what they say. I am really just hoping the stronger meds to the trick, so I won't have to see the ear doctor. I'm worried he might need to remove the tube and I don't want that pain again. So here's keeping my fingers crossed that my ear gets better!!


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