Catching Up Is A Vicious Cycle

It's amazing how tiring it is to lose a few days worth of naps. All I feel like doing in the past couple days is sleeping! It's a real pain in the butt to have some good days PH-wise, and overdoing it on those days, and then losing a few days to recovery. And yet, do I learn from it? It seems like I never do. Does anyone dealing with a chronic illness learn?? We all take our good days for granted, as if they are a golden opportunity to do all the things we can't do on a bad day. We may clean, or go shopping, or go out to eat with family and/or friends. We may get things done that we didn't have the energy for before. We may try cramming all of those things into one day, because, that the heck, we are feeling pretty darn good today and nothing is impossible! Good day ends, and wham! The next day feels as if we hit a brick wall. Nothing is happening that day, for we completely overdid it, yet again, on our good day. It's a vicious cycle, and I am guilty over and over for never breaking that cycle and limiting myself to only doing a couple things on a good day. Grrrrr!! So anyways, on that note, it's naptime!! *sigh*


CL said…
Know what you mean. I stayed with the kids for an hour today and then went home and slept. (((hugs)))

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