Getting Back

It's the 2nd day of August, and so far, my headaches are better. The weather yesterday afternoon got warmer and a bit muggier, and voilá! The headaches disappeared. I knew they were weather-related!

Yesterday I finally worked on a wire bracelet and earring set for one of my friends. Her birthday was in July, and I hadn't made anything yet. I haven't seen her all summer, either. I will on Saturday, so I figured I needed to get my butt in gear! I finished the set in the evening, and then worked on a necklace pattern for a triple illusion necklace and earring set. I used really beautiful green beads, but it took forever for me to decide on how I wanted it to look before I settled with a final look! Today I worked on it. It took a few hours to complete, with some breaks here and there, but it looks great! After that, I set up another pattern to work on tomorrow, or whenever I find some time. I really need to get myself back into working on jewelry. I hate when I lose inspiration or just plan don't do it unless I'm asked. With the holidays approaching (ok yes, it's the beginning of August, but people DO shop this early!), I need new items to make people interested in buying! I also need to work on some new things for the store. I have been selling things there, but it's been close to a year since I brought in anything new. I think the wire jewelry might do good there, but I need to make more to even see if it'll sell! I think I need to give myself a work schedule! Of course, it's a little hard to follow when you're your own boss!


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