One Decision Made!

Yesterday, I was introduced to the world of liquid oxygen! Yep, I decided to go for it! Mandy and Ron came over on Thursday night to take apart the daybed. I situated the room for jewelry and for space for the 2 reservoir tanks that I knew would be coming, and was all set for Friday's delivery. The o2 guy came in the afternoon (I'm pretty sure his name was Mike, but I am phorgetting already lol), and I showed him the area I wanted the tanks. He did suggest that I put them in the front hallway, maybe at another time, because it would be so much easier for them just bring the dolly up the stairs and fill the reservoirs, instead of traipsing through the house with wet or snowy dollys in the winter. And the tanks will fit! So, I'm thinking next Friday when they come to fill, I'll just have them move the tanks into the hallway anyway.

Mike (?) showed me how to use the tanks. They seemed pretty simple enough! The tricky part was trying to show me how to use the cute lil Helios! One has to be really careful because liquid o2 is freezing, enough so that it can cause burns if not careful. So I was shown how to fill Helios, and then Mike (?) asked me to wear it for awhile to just see how long it would actually last me. So, I had it on from 2pm until about 9pm and it was still puffing. However, I don't think I really understood how to tell if the Helios was empty. So I may not have actually gotten 7 hours out of wearing it. But even 5 hours would have been fine with me, because that's about how much a tank used to last. I guess I'll just have to test it again!

I named my Helios: RD (pronounced like Artie). It's short for respiratory device. LOL! RD traveled with me on my first outing to the grocery store about an hour after I had him. It felt sooo weird to just be bringing RD with me, and sticking my license, EBT card, coupons and my phone in my back jean pockets. I don't think I'll really be using my big Targ├ęt purse/bag anymore! I mean, I can still stick RD in there if I wanted, but the thought of having a smaller purse is soooooo appealing!!!! Of course, this means that people are going to see me carrying oxygen. But you know what? I am pretty much past the "Oh my goodness, people are going to stare at me!!" point. That was me 9 years ago when I made my first outing with the tank. Now it's more like "Oh yeah, I'm wearing o2." Or, "I'm wearing o2, so what??" So, if people have to see my carrying around cute lil RD, then so be it. I cannot care what people think!! So, I'm hoping to be able to get a purse soon! My birthday is coming up next month, maybe I'll get some gift cards!!!

For those of you not familiar with liquid o2 and what it looks like, here is an example of the 2 reservoir tanks I have, and the lil Helios! Maybe I'll try later to take pics of my actual equipment!


Nancy said…
Make sure you ask Mike or your provider what to do if the Helios unit freezes up. It happened to me a couple of times in 4 years, but it is frightening because the unit will not work for about 30 minutes (until it thaws out). Maybe they can give you some tips to avoid the freeze. If I remember, it happened on humid days.

You will LOVE RD more each day. Your provider should have a backpack for the Helios as well as the standard Helios pack.

Have fun and enjoy your freedom from the heavy, heavy compressed gas bottles.
Jen said…
RD is too cute...LOL

Glad u have a lil more freedom..and yes I agree that smaller purse would be great :)))

The big tansk do not look that big...Take care...

Hugs :)) Love ya :))
Mortimer said…
Interesting. It was rather foresighted of the installation guy to figure out that he'd be traipsing through the house during inclement weather. That was nice. Good luck with the new O2!

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