July 31, 2009
I had a somewhat restless night. It's still raining, and it's very blah out. Gee, kinda like home! I woke up at 6:30am and decided to see if I could spot any deer in the backyard. I put on my glasses and sat on the floor to look out the window. I thought perhaps I had spotted a deer, but the gloominess of the early morning and the fact that my glasses are not the same prescription as my contacts made me finally realize that it was just part of a tree. Duh! So I went back to bed, woke up about an hour later to take Revatio, and looked out the window again. Still no deer. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
We just got back from having lunch with my cousin, Ryhan, and two of her daycare kids. We had the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. It wasn't too bad, considering I never eat there anymore. The kids get to eat free, so that's a plus! Afterward, mom and I went to a store called Bargain Hut. Mom grew up knowing the shop as The Lovely Shop, so she still calls it that. It's a store that has high-end used clothing for a bargain! After I talked to Lisa on the phone in the van, I went in and browsed. I did find a pair of swishy pants for working out and/or relaxing. Bargain price - $3! When we left, mom drove down the street Grandpa K. used to live on, and showed me his house. Several family members lived in three house next to each other. They still look pretty nice.

Now we're back at Grandma's, and I'm pretty sure I"ll be crashing in a few minutes. I had a fitful sleep last night and early this morning, complete with some whacked out dreams. One of them involved my ex-boyfriend. I soooo can't understand why I dreamt about him. In the dream, he had seen me doing some things I'm not going to describe, and when he was able to talk to me, he just wanted to warn me about who I was hanging around with. Then I proceeded to tell him that even though our relationship wasn't all that great, I thanked him for being there for me when I had to quit my job. He was more supportive to me back then than my ex-best friend. It was just a very bizarre dream! So needless to say, a nap is welcome right about now! I just hope I can get an ok rest!
We went to dinner at a restaurant in Elmira called Moretti's. It's a fancy type of restaurant that seems to be in a not-so-great section of town. It was a nice dinner, though. I saw Uncle Paul, even though it seemed he hardly said two words. But, that's just how he is. Ryhan was fun to talk to, and it felt like we had the most conversations going on at the table! Afterward, we all went to the Holiday Inn's bar/restaurant to meet my Uncle Bob (Ryhan's dad) for a drink. Aunt Beverly and Aunt Jane met us there awhile later, and we had quite a good time! There was a trivia game thing going on, so we were trying to answer questions, and enjoyed the music in between them. I know Grandma didn't really want to stay, but what kept her from complaining was the giant TV screen with the Yankees game playing. She was happy! We eventually left, dropped off Aunt Dolores, and went back to Grandma's. I read a magazine and watched a design show with mom, and now I'm all ready to get to sleep rather shortly. Tomorrow's our last full day here, and I'm hoping to relax a little before going to Aunt Beverly's for dinner. Trip to the creek?? Maybe!

Oh--I took a ton of pics of the rooms in Grandma's house. I just felt like they should be captured on film. Many things have changed, and many things haven't. I just wanted to take pics to remember her house and the times we spent visiting here.

*Pics may or may not be posted here.....there are a lot, and might be boring!! lol


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