A Summer Favorite

This weekend is the annual Lewiston Art Festival, something I've loved to go to for quite a long time. I've been to it almost every summer for at least the last 10 years, and it's been running even longer than that. There are so many different artists who make such a wide variety of things: handmade jewelry (they are supposed to make some aspect of the jewelry, whether it be the beads, hammered silver, something like that, but I'm telling you that some of those vendors are NOT doing that!!), pottery, glass pendants, pictures and paintings of all sorts, wooden items, etc, etc. I love to go to just browse at everything, especially the jewelry and any glass items. I like to get ideas, and I just love looking at anything glass!

This year I went with mom and Joan. We got there a little after 1pm, and had to walk a bit to get to the main street where it's located. This year, they changed a few things, including closing the main street to traffic. BRILLIANT idea!!! There was soooo much more room to walk around, instead of watching out for people on the cramped sidewalks. There are thousands and thousands of people who come to this every year, and it's always been such a problem with trying to walk around and worry about cars in the street. I don't know why they didn't close it off to traffic sooner than this, but I do hope they keep it up!!

So anyway, we got there, and started walking, and mom saw a yard sale and gravitated toward it. Joan and I tried to tell her to stay away, but mom said she'd catch up with us. Well, I had a feeling Joan and I shouldn't have gone too far because we ended up losing mom and tried to search for her for 45 minutes!! We were so aggravated that we ended up going to this one shop that had wine tasting so we could taste something!! We actually got carded! LOL Well, I finally spotted mom and took off like a rocket to make sure we didn't lose sight of her again, and when I caught up to her, I asked her where she had been!! She actually had walked almost the whole street! Argh! Well, we finally started walking TOGETHER, and ended up having a really nice time.

Another new addition to the festival was street musicians! It was neat hearing different types of music being played in certain sections. Another "why didn't they think of this earlier??" kind of thing!! My favorite was this marching band group, who played really lively music and kinda sang, too. They weren't dressed in anything costume-like, just street clothes, and they were fun to listen to! Then there were these 2 young boys singing a lot of old songs and playing acoustic guitars. They looked like they were young teens, and they were pretty good! So I definitely liked the music aspect of the festival as well!

In all the years I've gone to the art festival, I have almost never bought anything there. There are so many things usually out of my price range, or I just haven't seen anything I really liked. Well this year, I bought 2 things!! I bought my first Christmas present! I can't say what it is though, even though I now the person getting it doesn't read my blog. One never knows! lol I also bought myself another ring. It's pretty, it's made of glass. Yes, I know I have a sistore who makes gorgeous glass stuff, and I already have a ring she made for me! I couldn't help it, I loved it! I will have to take a picture of it soon. I'm just happy I was actually able to buy a couple artistic pieces, and not just a water bottle!

Going to the art festival is a bit of an anniversary of sorts for me. It's been 8 years since I've had to wear oxygen 24/7, and my first public outing with it was the art festival 8 years ago! I can still remember that day, and how I really didn't focus on anything b/c I was so worried about what people were thinking about me. I realized today, while searching for mom, that I just didn't care that I had it on. I'm so used to it, I don't even think about it anymore most of the time when I'm out. I never thought I'd get over that, but I did!!

Well, I need to put my achy legs to bed, since I decided I wanted to walk around the festival in sandles, and not more comfy sneakers!! Despite the achiness, I really did have a great time at the festival!


Nancy said…
It sounds like you had a perfect day: music, wine, shopping, and family.

I went to a similar street fair this summer. Tons of things to do, lots of tempting food, and hordes of people. It was fun.

Congratulations on your 8th anniversary. Think of the freedom your oxygen has given you during that time.
~ Lor said…
Congrats on your new finds. Sounds like a nice way to spend the day. Art festivals are some of my favorite things, although I'm with you, usually too pricey. Glad you had fun with your family. Hugs ~ L
Anonymous said…
Wow..I am a bit behind here..LOL

Glad you were able to go..Wow I bet you were tired after all that walking..too funny, I think mine and your moms need to hang out..their driving and garage sales too...LOL

Congrats on 8 years..Have you named that o2 yet???LOL

Hugs..Luv ya :))

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