Silence Is Deafening

Ever since Friday, there's been this strange silence. It feels so weird not to be listening to an oxygen concentrator. I mean, it has been a part of my life over the last 9 or so years. To hear nothing is just odd!! I will eventually get used to that, but it might take me awhile!

Today another silence is upon the house. My upstairs neighbor knocked on my door this afternoon, and when I opened it, she went to give me some rent money, and broke down crying. She said she was sorry, she had just put Frasier down that morning. I was taken aback. I told her how sorry I was, and she hugged me and kept apologizing for any problems she caused. All I could think about were the times I got irritated with Frasier barking so much, but many of those times I just dealt with it through listening to headphones. I asked if Frasier was sick, and she said they think he had a tumor. She was just inconsoleable, and turned to go upstairs. I told her if there was anything she needed to please let me know.

A few hours later, I went upstairs to ask her if I could make dinner for her or something. I just feel so terrible about Frasier. She broke down sobbing again and I hugged her for a few minutes. She said she did everything she could to help him, but he just kept getting worse this summer. She tried puppy Prozac, that did nothing to alleviate his anxiety. And she said the last several weeks he had started pacing constantly, getting up and barking at night (which I heard sometimes), and just not doing well. I had no idea, because every time I saw him he seemed like he was ok. She must have been thinking about putting him down for awhile though. She said on Saturday when she had left the house, if she came back to him barking, she was going to have to put him down. He really did bark for at least 5 hours, and was still barking when I had left the house and came back. So, she put Frasier down herself this morning at the vet's office. She is a euthanasia tech. I think it would've broken my heart to do that myself! I just pray she is able to heal from this. He was 12 years old (I didn't realize that, he didn't act like a 12yo dog!), and lived a good life. And I told my neighbor that I knew Frasier just adored her because he always wanted her around him! I think she just needed to hear that so she knew she made the right decision! So, rest in peace, little Frasier. You were a cute little dog, and I did become attached to you, too!


Annette said…
That is so, so sad. There is nothing harder in the world than having to put down a beloved pet.
Jen said… sad....I guess Frasier "did not look sick"..we can relate...I hope Diane can get over her loss..I am sure it is hard..

And your loss of noise from O2...Humm..well I bet that does make a difference..Sometimes the noiose puts me to sleep..LOL

Hugs :)) Luv ya :))
Mortimer said…
I was just up in Medford, NJ and it was SO quiet there, unlike the hustle and bustle of the city (especially during a holiday weekend like it is right now). It's hard to get used to quiet.
RIP Frasier. 12 years is a respectable run for a dog.

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