Decisions, Decisions

I've been on oxygen for almost 1o years. In all that time, I've used a concentrator and portable tanks. Well, I'm trying to make a decision on whether or not to change this. Why? The electric bill is just getting out of hand. I'm on the budget plan for National Grid, but I still have to pay at least $100 a month! I have tried so much to cut down on energy. I've changed almost all my light bulbs to the new energy saving ones. I keep my toaster unplugged, parts of the computer unplugged, the washer unplugged. I'd unplug the dryer, but I just can't reach the cord all the time to keep taking it out and putting it back in. I'm just at a loss, and I don't know what to do to make my bill cheaper!

I hadn't really considered getting liquid o2 before because I just don't have the room. The hallway wasn't safe because of having a tenant upstairs. Every room of my apartment just didn't have the space for the liquid o2 unit. I have a lot of furniture!! However, since I'll be giving my daybed to my niece very soon, there will be room in the jewerly room! So when the o2 guy was here delivering my o2 tanks today, I asked him about the liquid o2. He feels that I'd be able to get 2 units since I'm on 3L, and that I could fill a Helios portable, but I'd only last a few hours with it. I posted on Facebook and the PH boards asking about liquid o2, and it seems that many who are on high flow rates are able to last much longer with the portables than what the o2 guy told me. So I'll try to call tomorrow afternoon at my o2 company's main office to ask more about the liquid o2 option! I really do feel I'll end up changing, and if it doesn't work out, I know I can change back!

I've also got some decisions to make about my jewelry, but I just don't want to say much about that yet until things are finalized. There might be something in the works. I just hope it works out, but we'll see!

I've also started making decisions about.....Christmas gifts!! And yes, I have 4 already! Whoo hoo! I know, people think I'm nuts, but I start shopping early since I already have some money, and I just like to!! This year, we decided to draw a name of one person to buy for, between my sisters and brothers-in-law, and Rick. So I'm focusing on my BIL, Brandon! It's made it a bit easier to shop, since I don't have as many people as before. I just like to do things early so I'm not out there shopping with the crazy people right before the holiday!!

Well, now I've decided to end this blog post! Until next time!!


Jen said…
Hi there :))
Well I really like the Helios when I used Jeannies, but I think I would need a concentrator as well (for nights)and not sure the Ins. would pay both?? I know Jeannie does have both..I know I was thinking of trying it for that same reason..but I keep forgetting, Maybe I will ask again when I go tomorrow to drop off the POC..
Hope all turns out with your jewelry...and christmas shopping, you are always way ahead of me in that dept..LOL..Maybe this year I will do better..LOL

Take care..TTYL...BTW..just saw your avatar on 2 different farms and you did not answer me..LOL
Hugs..Love ya :)))
Nancy said…
I started with a concentrator and compressed gas, but the bottles were too cumbersome and the concentrator too expensive to run. So with my doctor's blessing (you'll need a new script from your doctor) I made the switch. It was wonderful.

The liquid reservoir did not take up any more room than the concentrator, and oh my, it didn't heat up my house or make any annoying noise. Extended trips (over night and longer) were sometimes difficult because liquid O2 is not carried by all providers. :o(

I managed on the long trips by making prior arrangements for a small reservoir that sat in the back seat (I belted it in) or in the back of an SUV so I could refill my portable. It is heavy and awkward to move (it takes two people to carry). It looks like a little R2D2 unit.

I hope you find the O2 system that works for you.
Oh, I hope you find just the right thing for you!

A big hug your way!

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